Tom Holland Quietly Told Zendaya How Beautiful She Is During an Interview

"You look so beautiful, darling," Tom told her, not realizing they were being filmed.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
(Image credit: Getty)

If you're still not over how Tom Holland stopped an interview to gaze at his girlfriend, Zendaya, as she walked the Spider-Man: No Way Home red carpet (and let's face it, wouldn't you?)—well, brace yourself. In leaked footage that began trending on Twitter on Friday, Tom Holland can be heard quietly telling Zendaya, "You look beautiful, darling," not once but twice. (Which, again, wouldn't you?) In one clip, you can see Zendaya respond, "So do you." I've said it once, and I've said it again: Name me a more iconic duo! I'll wait!

In case you missed it: Zendaya and Tom Holland, while being fairly low-key, have been officially dating for at least eight months. He's called her "my MJ" on Instagram; she's called him "my Spider-Man,"; they've been photographed wearing jerseys with each other's names on them; and last winter Tom opened up to GQ about photographs of the two kissing, saying, "A moment that you think is between two people that love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the entire world." The two been romantically linked since they first starred together in Spider-Man: Homecoming back in 2016, but shot down the rumors for years—and dated other people—before finally getting together sometime in 2021.

In the footage, which started trending on Twitter on Friday, Holland—wearing a white shirt, black hoodie, and some very Peter Parker-esque glasses—is joking, "Boy, do I feel underdressed now." He's sitting next to Zendaya, who is wearing a silk striped shirt. "You look beautiful," he adds to Zendaya, and she puts her hand on his knee, and I melted.

In a second clip, Holland and Zendaya are speaking quietly amid the hubbub around them, and Tom says to her, quietly—and clearly not realizing the mic would pick it up—"You look so beautiful, darling." You can just about hear Zendaya respond, "So do you." To quote the fan who uploaded the clip: "i’m done for."

Need an extra reason to fawn over these two? Earlier this month, Twitter user @charliebroiled wrote: "thinking abt when i met tom holland and asked if zendaya was just as beautiful irl as on camera and he said “oh even more so.""