Zoe and Lenny Kravitz Reveal Why They Had to "Get Rid of People"

The star-studded family is keeping things tight-knit.

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Lenny Kravitz, ever-the-cool, is always on my radar. Whether he’s serving up leather-clad fashion looks or starring in my childhood-favorite franchises (RIP, Cinna), Kravitz’ virtuoso knows no bounds. Those ventures aside, his musical prowess is the source of it all, and fans have much to rejoice about—Blue Electric Light, his upcoming album release, is coming in March, alongside an Esquire feature that dropped Tuesday.

Described as an electro-funk album, the sound is consistent with the artist’s wheelhouse of vintage sensibilities and ‘70s genres—his 1989 debut, Let Love Rule, featured a blend of psychedelic, soul, funk, and hard rock. Now, ten records later, Kravitz seems to be sticking to his guns. 

According to Esquire, Blue Electric Light emerged as Kravitz’ next project between three separate albums simultaneously being worked on in his Bahamian home’s studio. “This one spoke to me…this one has to come out,” Kravitz told the publication, tracing his burst of inspiration to the stillness of pandemic isolation.

The fruits of this isolation weren’t just the incentive to delve back into music, but also a great deal of emotional growth “as a person and artist” as described by his daughter, Zoë. “It’s the quiet moments when you have all these little epiphanies—these emotional shifts. He’s made space for that,” the actress told Esquire.

A healthy dose of seclusion also signifies a tight inner circle, which has rendered a crucial lesson in boundaries for the Kravitz clan. After nearly decades of being caught up in the world of fame, Kravitz found himself in desperate need for self-reflection; so much so that Zoë describes stepping in.

“I used to have to really confront him,” said The Batman star, imparting lessons like, “I don’t see you very often. Get rid of all these people,” which Kravitz took heed to. 

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