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How To Keep A Guy's Attention
Our male dating blogger gives you some useful tips on how to keep a guy's attention
men and women kissing
The Pros and Cons of Summer Dating
After a wonderful Memorial Day trip to the beach, I came up with thi…
woman with laptop
Setting Up A Dating Profile
Recently, my friend asked me to help her build an online dating prof…
The Great MILF Debate
Terminology gets guys in trouble. We make up horrible terms, like "b…
couple kissing in a car
5 Reasons For Spring Fever
Spring has arrived, and according to a recent survey about weather a…
strip club poster
Are Strip Clubs Really That Bad?
Which is more threatening: knowing your boyfriend is at a strip club or out with an ex-girlfriend?
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How Online Dating Relates To "Real Life"
In some ways, online dating is a completely new way of seeking out a romantic partner, but it mimics traditional dating in the real wor…
Why Men Prefer Innocent Girls to Bad Girls
The other day some guys and I were discussing the "innocent" versus the "bad girl". Across the board, the guys agreed they prefer an in…
What Fashion Really Means to Men
I admit that I go clothes shopping when I'm down or not feeling confident. I now realize that fashion plays a big role in my life, and …
Venexiana: Edge Meets Elegance
I recently had the opportunity to attend a Venexiana runway show that was part of the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week for Fall 20…
The 6 Strangest Things About Fashion Week
What is it with women and Fashion Week? I get women and shopping, women and puppies, women and chocolate. But Fashion Week? Women aroun…
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7 Ways I Try To Act Aloof & Mysterious
The most frustrating girl advice is: "act like you don't care." How (and why) should I act like I don't care about someone that I'm int…
How Sophisticated Do You Want Your Guy To Be?
I am striving to be more "cultured."
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5 Dates That Require Sacrifice
Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the ones you love. Dating blogger Rich Santos counts down the five types of dates he's suffer…
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Do You Feel Pressure To Be Beautiful?
In my office, we were discussing girls' obsession with bags.
single girl alone in apartment
13 Bad Habits to Avoid if You're Single
I'm trying not to fall in these traps.
7 Assumptions We Make in Dating
The conclusions I seemingly "magically" come to get me every time.
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4 Male Habits That Drive Women Crazy
I recently read a book about the strange ways the male mind works.
6 Ways to be One of the Guys
A girl that's truly "one of the guys" never has trouble attracting men.
A Guy Explains What's Up with Man Crushes
I was thinking about how strange man-crushes are.