5 Reasons For Spring Fever

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It's chilly in NYC. This is certainly a letdown, considering spring has arrived.

To get myself into a better mood, I'm going to discuss a few findings from a Wet Intimacy Products survey:

    What is it about warmer weather, or "spring fever" that amps our libido into high gear? Here are my reasons:

    We Are Animals

    The mating process consists of everything from flirting to sexIn the spring, we're surrounded by pheromones and pollen. Reproduction is in the air. Perhaps we haven't evolved beyond the instinctive desire to reproduce once the weather warms up.

    It's A "Reset" Period

    After New Year's Day and its many resolutions,spring is the next "reset." We do a mental spring-cleaning. We may vow to meet more people and get more aggressive in looking for fun, or change our lifestyle to be more risky and daring. My buddies and I create new schemes and ideas to meet ladies.

    The Wardrobe Change

    After two seasons of bundling up, it's time to show more skin. My buddies and I go wild when we see the first legs of the season. I admit that I'm not great-looking when I doff the sweater for shorts and a T-shirt, but in general more skin usually means heightened hormones.

    Out and About

    Winter imprisons us in its frigid arms. Once we stay out more in the warmth, there's a better chance of meeting someone. Getting out of winter's captivity also makes you more festive because you're free for the first time in a while. It might make you more willing to take risks.

    Extended Daylight

    Along with warmer temperatures, spring offers more light. More light lifts the spirits and gives us more energy. More energy means more meeting people and probably more sex (I suppose there's a correlation).

    Do you agree with my reasons for spring fever? Do you get spring fever? Do you agree with the statistics above? Why or why not?

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