What's Your Least Favorite Physical Trait in a Guy?

Physical Traits - What Women Find Attractive

People are ruthless when it comes to looks.I've heard women complain about different physical traits they don't like in men. As I get older, I fear that these traits may slowly appear on my person. Things grow...things stop growing. Then there are traits a guy is born with that he can never change.

My theory is there is a handful of people out there for everyone. What one person may find unattractive may attract another. But, I wonder which "bad" physical trait is the worst to women.

I'd like you to tell me which physical trait you find least attractive in men. Here are a few I've heard women complain about:


I'm 5'11"-- totally average. I am taller than most of the women I meet. I don't think I could date a woman who was taller than me. I even feel awkward around slightly shorter women that tower over me in heels, and I don't know why-- probably yet another insecurity on my part.

I'm not sure if women feel awkward being taller than a guy. I'm not even sure of the origin of this belief that guys have to be taller than the women they date. Perhaps, because most guys are taller than most women, any couple that defies this conventional rule is an outlier. And people struggle with outliers.

Not Enough Hair

There's a critical moment in every balding man's life when he decides to try a comb over, or give in to nature and shave his head. In my opinion, the shaved head usually works best because comb overs are such a shame.

Does baldness turn you off? And what if you find out a guy you're dating wears a toupee? For some reason, it's fine to go with a toupee if a woman is aware of it, but if a toupee is "discovered" by a woman on her man, it's a dramatic situation. Maybe it's the idea that the man is concealing something from her, or maybe it's because every time a woman discovers a toupee it makes for good theater. At some inopportune time, it seems a toupee flies off, flips in the wind, or becomes slightly askew, startling the unsuspecting girlfriend.

Too Much Hair

I don't mean hair on a guy's head. I mean hair on his back, hair in his ears, giant eyebrows like my stupid face, and so on. A super hairy chest might be a turnoff as well.

Too Fat or Too Skinny

I'm guilty of acting like the baby bear in the Three Bears. I like my porridge to be "just right." It leads to unrealistic expectations for women I date. Their figure has to fit this perfect standard in my head. I'm convinced guys can get away with a gut, but have you ever broken up or not dated a guy because they were too fat? On the other hand, super skinny guys turn women off as well. Everyone needs some meat on their bones, right?

Body Builder

Most guys think they have to be bigger and stronger than every other guy as they grow up. Luckily this wears off after a while. But some guys never lose this urge to be a gargantuan muscle man. I know girls like nice abs, and some like huge muscles but some women are turned off by huge muscles too.

What is your least favorite physical trait in a guy? What would you add to this list? Can a great personality overcome the your least favorite physical trait on a guy?

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