The Pros and Cons of Summer Dating

After a wonderful Memorial Day trip to the beach, I came up with this list of things I love and hate about summer and dating...

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After a wonderful Memorial Day trip to the beach, I came up with this list of things I love and hate about summer and dating:

The Pros:

Happy Women

When women are happy, it's easier to get a date. Fall and winter seem to sap the female spirit. By April, the ladies are pining for sun and warmth. Summer is prime time for guys to make their moves.

Lots of Light

I'm energized by the extra summer light. That energy helps me get motivated to date. (opens in new tab)It's easier to meet people (opens in new tab) because they stay out of their homes, and they stay out later.


All guys know to grease the swivels on their necks for the first few weeks of summer. During those weeks, women dust off their sundresses and short skirts. After a long cold winter, legs are everywhere.

Outdoor Dates

After months stuck indoors, we can hit the beach, dine al fresco, and take long walks. Whether it's a bike ride or a glass of wine on a rooftop deck, we can go on more creative dates. (opens in new tab)

The Cons:


Heat and humidity turn me in to a walking swamp. (opens in new tab)When I'm outside, sweat stains appear in weird places on my shirt like the lower back area — not attractive.

My Farmer's Tan

Every year I promise myself I won't let it happen: farmer's tan. At least I don't wear wife beaters in the sun.

My Beach Body

Like my farmer's tan, my beach body (or lack of body) represents a promise unfulfilled. Every year I hit the off season with the goal of shedding that beer gut (opens in new tab). But by the time beach season rolls around, that beer gut is still there — yet another reason to keep my shirt on at the beach.

How Women Can Sit On the Beach For Eons

How do women sit on the beach so long? I understand the beach is relaxing and more time means more tan. But after flopping around in the water and tossing a football for an hour, (opens in new tab)I'm over it. During my annual boys' only trip with my college buddies, we don't set foot on the beach. When I am at the beach with a girlfriend, I dread the fact that I will have to put in time on the actual beach.

What do you think of my list? What are your favorite and least favorite things about summer dating?