10 Ways I Could Tell I Was Attracted to a Girl

The stars must align perfectly for me to find a girl attractive. Perhaps I'm too picky, or perhaps I'm not lucky enough to meet great women.

The stars must align perfectly for me to find a girl attractive. Perhaps I'm too picky, or perhaps I'm not lucky enough to meet great women.

I recently met a girl who made an impression on me. She was waiting tables where I was watching the Ravens game. Here are the things that made this girl attractive and memorable:

She Made an Entrance

When I saw her walk by, I looked at my friends, wide-eyed, and mouthed "wow" to them. It was like I saw a natural wonder for the first time, after imagining how it would look in person many times…but I was still overwhelmed when I actually saw it. She had that "glow" about her that only certain girls have.

She Fulfilled My Shallow Appearance Checklist

Dark hair, petite, dark intense eyes, and lots of smiles. She also had great style; girls look great in boots. She pulled off the look. I remember her hair the most; it was so perfect, she could have been in a shampoo commercial.

I Had to Talk to Her

Some unknown force was pushing me to talk to her. I usually don't try, even when a girl is super cute. She looked unapproachable, and I just knew whatever I tried would be stupid. While talking to my friend about apartments, I was pleasantly surprised. She said: "Excuse me I couldn't help but overhear you're looking for an apartment. My boyfriend is in real estate. Would you like his card?" Hey, I didn't say this story would have a happy ending.

She Had a Similar Passion

Once I had my foot in the door, chatting with her was easy. It turns out she's an aspiring singer/actress. And it was fun talking to someone who understood (and felt passionate about) music.

I Didn't Say Anything Stupid aka She Was Tolerant

As I get drunker, combined with a positive Ravens game, my propensity for over-excitement and stupidity increases. However, somehow I didn't say anything dumb. Maybe she was just tolerant of the stupid things I said. Either way, it was good.

I Wanted Her to Be Happy

She invited me to a show to see her sing, and I bought tickets. It had nothing to do with her being "hot", or a desire to date her. Her passion, drive, and talent were inspiring and infectious. I wanted her to succeed.

She Had My Attention

Imagine this: I was so into talking to this girl during the Ravens game that I missed most of the second half. My friends kept asking me to turn around and look at replays. But I can honestly say this girl was more interesting than the game…I never thought I'd say that.

I Revisited Buzzing My Hair

I keep trying to convince myself to buzz-cut my hair, but I chicken out. Meeting this girl gave me so much confidence and energy that I came close to doing it. It's an example of our irrational and boundless thinking when we meet someone interesting. Not to worry, I reverted to my insecure, risk-avoiding self in no time.

I Caught Myself Singing

I caught myself singing out loud on the subway while listening to my iPod for a few days after I met her. It's been a long time since I've been that giddy, especially in my jaded state.

I Was OK Just Being Friends

Usually I meet a cute girl with a boyfriend, and I scheme to win her over. But, I accepted that she had a boyfriend and set a course to become better friends with her. It wasn't about a selfish desire to date her eventually. It was more of a compromise to have her in my life as a friend. Maybe I just wanted any opportunity to bask in her glory. Of course, if she reads this, she might think I'm psycho and not want to talk to me anymore.

They say I'll "know it" when I meet that special someone. I suspect that the things I experienced above are close to it. It's life-changing, it strengthens you, and it's unforgettable. Despite the boyfriend, I can still take positives from the experience. And it's reassuring that I got this excited feeling, because it doesn't happen often, and I sometimes wonder if it will ever happen again.

But, when I'm lonely, bored, or entirely too "single," I might read my feelings incorrectly or blow things out of proportion. I may have misread things, but maybe this little event will get the momentum going for other situations.