Netflix Has Answered Our Prayers: You Can Now Edit Your Viewing History

And keep your movie marathons to yourself.

It's 2am on a Saturday and you're burrowed in blankets, the only light in the room is coming from your laptop, and you're 11 hours into a rewatch binge of One Tree Hill—on the Netflix account you share with your your best friend, your boyfriend, and your old roommate that you never talk to anymore. Sound familiar? Usually, you'd worry about how embarrassing your viewing history is. Until now.

In a world where Netflix passwords are shared like candy and hours-long marathons are as much a staple in our weekend routines as mimosas are with brunch, our indulgence in early 2000's teen shows or , deleting the show from your history will prevent Netflix from recommending something similar.

The only thing left to add is "privacy mode" for those really, really desperate times, like that ABC Family slump you found yourself in back in 2012.


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