Here's Proof That Filming a Hollywood Sex Scene Is Super Awkward

Even when it's with Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson.

Surprise: Sex isn't all alluringly disheveled bedhead and harmonious orgasms, even in Hollywood. A new, behind-the-scenes clip from the upcoming movie Stretch shows Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson filming a sex scene—and just how super duper awkward it is to do when you consider there are a ton of people, not to mention a camera, in the room too.

In the clip (NSFW-ish!) we get to see the awkward shifting, chatting, and nervous giggling pre-sex that you would expect from two people lying naked on top of each other waiting for someone to yell "go!" There's also a great moment when we see someone reapplying Evian mist to their bodies (luxe sweat!) and hear the director, Joe Carnahan, say "Great fucking!" off camera. It's like the scenes in Love Actually, but better (Patrick Wilson!), real, and more cringe-worthy.

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