Use This Secret Code to Improve Your iPhone Signal

Who knew.

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A secret iPhone hack has emerged that makes seeking out solid signal easier by showing you how good your connection is in a number rather than an antiquated bar chart system. It's surprisingly simple; you just need to enter a secret code to pull up your iPhone's Field Mode tool.

The code you need to enter into your phone's call dialer is *3001#12345#*.

This beneath-the-surface menu offers a number of details on the inner workings of your phone, including a numerical signal strength indicator.

Shown in the upper left corner of the screen, a signal score of -50 marks a solid, video streaming-friendly performance, while a mark down towards the -120 end of the scale means you'll struggle to send a text.

If you prefer the numbers to the bars, you can keep the indicator by holding down the power button in Field Mode until the "turn phone off" message appears. Tapping the home button now will make the switch permanent.

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