Glenn Weiss Just Proposed to His Girlfriend at the Emmys

Best moment, best proposal ever.

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Glenn Weiss just won an Emmy award for Directing for a Variety Special for his work on the Oscars, but instead of a regular old acceptance speech, Weiss turned his onstage moment into an even bigger life moment, proposing to his girlfriend, Jan. Yes!

Cancel all other proposals, because if Leslie Jones is not present to make an IRL shocked emoji face for the moment when your prospective fiancé gets down on one knee, is it even worth it?

Weiss gave a very sweet speech thanking a few people in his life and mentioning that this was a bittersweet moment because his mother had just passed away. "Mom always believed in finding the sunshine in things, and she adored my girlfriend, Jan," he said. "Jan, you are the sunshine in my life, and mom was right, don't ever let go of your sunshine. You wonder why I don't ever like calling you my girlfriend? It's because I want to call you my wife."

To which Jan said:

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Hair, Conversation, Beauty, Chin, Interaction, Fun, Cheek, Human, Blond, Photography,

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Audience, People, Crowd, Event, Photo caption, Photography, Media, Speech, Suit, Performance,

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Event, Audience, Performance, Crowd, Music, Fashion, Formal wear, Fun, Singing, Pop music,

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Interaction, Stage, Conversation, Scene, Drama, Acting, heater, Television program,

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And the audience went:

Photograph, Event, Facial expression, Dress, Ceremony, Fashion, Gown, Wedding, Fun, Formal wear,

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Event, Ceremony, Fashion, Fun, Audience, Interaction, Crowd, Wedding, Party, Wedding reception,

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Event, Audience, Formal wear, Suit, Selfie, Photo caption, Crowd, Gesture,

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Facial expression, Event, Snapshot, Fun, Blond, Audience, Selfie, Crowd, Photography, Performance,

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Event, Formal wear, Suit, Audience, Performance, Ceremony,

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Basically, let's just end this award show now, and forever, because there's no way we're going to get a happier, more wonderful moment than this (also, Tiffany Haddish and Chrissy Teigen both already presented, so what else are we waiting for?).

Anyway, smooch the person or animal next to you and remember, in the words of Glenn Weiss, "don't ever let go of your sunshine."


NBC's '70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards' - Red Carpet

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