Colton Underwood Jumping the Fence Memes to Make You Laugh Through Your Tears

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In a very unexpected role reversal Monday night, The Bachelor fans saw Colton Underwood pledge his love to one of his top-three picks, Cassie Randolph, prior to their intended Fantasy Suite date—and Cassie reject the current Bachelor with the immortal words, "I love you...I'm not in love with you." Colton promptly put on his jacket, walked calmly down the driveway, and jumped the freaking fence, after which point the producers and Chris Harrison apparently lost him. The only silver lining: Twitter was ready and waiting with Colton-jumping-the-fence memes.

And thank goodness! Because that, my friends, was one dark moment, even for The Bachelor, a show that features approx. 25 rejections per season. Watching Colton pledge himself entirely to Cassie—"I love you," he repeated in confusion, as though completely unprepared for this outcome—and Cassie sob out a clichéd variation of "it's not you, it's me" and disappear in a waiting car was...hard! I felt sad! I still feel sad!

But as the age-old saying goes, for every kind of pain, there's a meme for that. (Okay, that's not an age-old saying. I just made that up.) So let's take a deep breath and try to enjoy these memes about the Fence Jump That Finally Happened, shall we?

Oh, Shoot

There's a Friends Meme for Everything

Chris Didn't Know What to Do

But How Did He Get There So Fast?

Will Someone Think of Hannah G?

A True Match Made In Heaven

2016 All Over Again

It's Just Like Noah and Allie

Just Checking In

It was everything I was waiting for, and more. Sorry, Colton.

Well, at least we're all laughing about something!

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