HBO Scattered "Iron Thrones" All Over the World for You to Find

Because any one of us would make a better monarch than Joffrey.

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As the premiere of the eighth and final (*inconsolable sobbing*) season of Game of Thrones draws near, HBO is pulling out all the stops to make sure that this show takes over every aspect of your life even before it actually airs next month. The latest stunt in HBO's #ForTheThrone campaign? A scavenger hunt that challenges fans of the series to find any one of six Iron Thrones hidden around the world.

It's been a minute since season seven, so let's do a quick refresher for the folks wondering why exactly anyone would travel to the ends of the earth in search of a chair. First of all, have you met Game of Thrones fans? We're kind of a lot. Secondly, the Iron Throne is literally made of swords forged together by the flames of a fire-breathing dragon, so this isn't your mama's couch we're talking about—you know, the one covered in plastic wrap that you're only allowed to sit on when you have company?

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This Iron Throne has been the source of many conflicts throughout the course of the series. Since being forged at the command of Aegon the Conqueror (Daenaerys' great great grandfather) years ago, anyone who's anyone in Westeros has had their eyes on this seat; whoever sits on the Iron Throne controls all of the Seven Kingdoms. Because of this, Westeros faces the constant threat of a coup, whether plotted by the problematic but fine as hell Dothraki Khal Drogo in the east or right within the walls of King's Landing by a overzealous religious cult.

As of the last episode of the last season, Cersei and her crooked wig are gleefully sitting in power even though the throne technically belongs to Jon Snow. Also, the Night King is headed straight to the capital with an army of undead White Walkers and a whole ice-breathing dragon. If we weren't scared for Westeros before, we definitely are now. Winter really is coming.

If, despite knowing the dark history and tragedy attached to the Iron Throne, you still want to call the shots in Westeros, you can start your personal Quest for the Throne today. The first of the six thrones has already been claimed, but the second is located somewhere snowy, so definitely pack a goose down jacket and a sword. You know, if you just so happen to own one.

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The final season of Game of Thrones airs on Sunday April 14.

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