That 'Selling Sunset' $40 Million House Is Still Up for Sale

It has a 15-car garage and four hot tubs.

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The cornerstone of the first episode of Netflix's debut docusoap Selling Sunset? The 20,000-square-foot, $40 million Hollywood Hills mansion, presented mid-construction to the Oppenheim Group team (a.k.a. the stars of Selling Sunset). Per Selling Sunset, the mansion boasts a $1.2 million commission for the agent lucky enough to sell it. It's the single biggest home in Hollywood Hills' history, according to the show—and if you have $40 million lying around, it could be yours!

The Oppenheim Group's official listing for the property, dug up by Distractify, does not include a price but does include the tagline, "Contemporary architectural masterpiece available in early 2019." We assume that means the Hillside Avenue mansion has been fully built, given that it's supposed to be available early this year—and we're in April now.

Per the show, the mansion boasts a 15-car garage (I mean, it's LA, I guess?), four hot tubs, an 150-foot pool, and its own elevator. Also, the power lines that frame the mansion's rooftop are being "dropped," whatever that means, specifically so that the lines don't get in the way of the 360-degree view—a decision that, according to Selling Sunset, cost a whopping $400,000. Because who needs power when you have four hot tubs, amirite?? (Well, okay, that might mean you need more power. But I digress!)

Though the identity of the agent handling the house is never revealed by the show, the listing is still live on the Oppenheim Group's site, so presumably it's still up for grabs (did I mention it's a steal at $40 million?). That said, Distractify notes that the nine bathrooms boasted about in Selling Sunset has been downgraded to a paltry eight, so it seems like the construction of the house hasn't entirely gone to plan.

Per the Oppenheim Group's official listing, here's the mansion in all its glory:

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The Oppenheim Group
Property, Interior design, Room, House, Architecture, Building, Furniture, Living room, Ceiling, Wall,
The Oppenheim Group
Property, Building, House, Home, Architecture, Real estate, Residential area, Estate, Roof, Facade,
The Oppenheim Group
Property, Architecture, Building, House, Real estate, Facade, Residential area, Home, Mixed-use, Commercial building,
The Oppenheim Group
Property, Building, Swimming pool, Home, Real estate, House, Resort, Estate, Architecture, Interior design,
The Oppenheim Group
Property, Interior design, Room, Furniture, Living room, Building, House, Architecture, Real estate, Ceiling,
The Oppenheim Group
Property, Building, Architecture, Real estate, House, Interior design, Home, Room, Condominium, Apartment,
The Oppenheim Group
Property, Architecture, Interior design, Building, Ceiling, Wall, Room, House, Real estate, Floor,
The Oppenheim Group

To be frank with you, I was thinking about buying, but now that I know it only has eight bathrooms, I'm having second thoughts, put it that way.

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