Who Is Jed Wyatt, Hannah's 'Bachelorette' Contestant and Fellow Southerner?

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Based on everything we know from Hannah Brown's The Bachelorette season, which is going to air May 13, it's going to be a crazy ride. Spoilers ahead: One of the bachelors vying for Hannah's heart is already garnering attention, and could be a top candidate: Jed W., a.k.a. Jed Wyatt. This young Southern gentleman is already a fan favorite (and the show isn't even out yet, so that's SAYING something). So what do we know about him?

He's Southern.

According to ABC, he's 25, and from Nashville (a Southerner like Hannah!). Apparently he went to Belmont University, which is also in Nashville. His bio says he grew up "in the Smoky Mountains, the birthplace of Dolly Parton."

He's a musician.

According to Reality Steve, blogger on all things Bachelor and Bachelorette related, Jed is a musician. We now have more information from his Bachelorette bio: "Jed finds it easiest to express his feelings and be vulnerable through his music; but after his last relationship ended terribly, Jed stopped making music and said it was one of the hardest times in his life." It looks like, from promotional material from this season, that he picks up the guitar for Hannah when he meets her so that is a good sign of his chances on the show, I bet. Also a good sign—lots of them making out.

Jed's single “Vacation” is on Spotify.

Based on his YouTube channel, he sounds like he has a laidback style (oh and he plays the guitar, too!). His website says he toured around Nashville last year.

Steve picked Jed as an early favorite, which honestly makes sense. Also a "fun" fact we now know about him: "Jed can rap Nicki Minaj's part in "Bottoms Up" flawlessly." Uhhhhh ok? Are we going to see that on the show?

He's a male revue dancer.

According to Reality Steve and several social accounts, Jed is a dancer in Nashville at Music City Male Revue (or at least he worked there until 2018, reportedly). In case you're wondering, no, it's not stripping per se—more like a burlesque show.

This is apparently him, in the middle:

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And, based on the account tag, this is also him.

He's a Capricorn.

This is based off his Facebook page, which notes that his birthday is apparently January 19. Capricorns are usually smart, loyal, and disciplined, so that bodes well for Hannah!

He's apparently a fitness coach.

It's not clear how often he did it, or for how long, but I, uh, can see how he might know a lot about fitness. (Body be bangin'. There. I said it.)

If you don't want to reach Bachelorette spoilers, don't read any further.

He and Hannah have already hit it off.

As spotted by the Daily Mail, Hannah and Jed were filming a date (probably a one-on-one) in Boston. The pair apparently were close to Faneuil Hall, a popular walking spot and touristy shopping area.

You can go to the link above for photos. Twitter handle Only in Boston also snagged video:

He made it to the final four.

We don't know much about his ultimate fate yet, but we do know that they shot footage of Hannah and Jed in his hometown of Knoxville. So he made it really, really far. He's absolutely one to watch this season, but aside from one-on-one time with Hannah, he doesn't show up a ton in previews. That might mean he's stayed out of the crazy drama—but, like all things Bachelorette, we're just going to have to wait and see.

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