Who Is Peter Weber, the Mysterious 'Bachelorette' Pilot on Hannah's Season?

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Californian pilot Peter Weber is one of the contestants on Hannah Brown's upcoming Bachelorette season, which Chris Harrison promises to be the most dramatic ever (although, to be fair, he says that pretty much every season). And though Peter hasn't gotten as much screen time in the initial promos as other contestants, there's been increasing buzz about in him in the run-up to the premiere. So, let's start from the start—what do we know about him?

Spoilers for Hannah's Bachelorette season ahead! Thanks to some keen sleuthing from fans and Bachelor expert Reality Steve, we at least know Peter makes it to hometown dates, which came as a surprise to just about everyone. So maybe he's a serious contender for Hannah's heart, or maybe he'll he get eliminated and pursue romance in Bachelor in Paradise like so many others before him—only time will tell.

He's from California.

According to his Bachelorette bio: "He enjoys snowboarding, watching football and line dancing. Peter's life motto is 'you should live this life always expecting something great is about to happen to you.'"

Soooo, I guess he's a free spirit? That line dancing thing is confusing me. Also, "Even though he is a man of the world, Peter still lives at home." So, hometown dates, complete with his maybe-childhood bedroom, might be very strange. There's even an SNL skit about this scenario!

He's a pilot.

And apparently it runs in the family, per his bio: "Peter's parents met while his dad was a pilot and his mom was a flight attendant." Again, this is making me very intrigued for hometown dates...I cannot wait for Hannah to be in the middle of all of this.

Meanwhile, it looks like that's Peter to the right of Hannah in uniform:

And I'm pretty sure he's in the promo here making a terrible airplane pun and potentially flying Hannah off somewhere warm and expensive:

From his bio, we know that this might be a signature move. "He once took a girl on a sunset flight to Santa Barbara for dinner." Hopefully Hannah likes flying!

He's made it to overnight dates.

Peter was a bit of a surprise for Reality Steve: There wasn't a ton of hype about him in advance, Peter's probably one of the Bachelorette "dark horse" types who does surprisingly well but doesn't get a ton of air time early on in the season. We saw a little bit of him, but not a ton of interaction with the other guys that I could see—which could mean he's staying out of the drama, so good for him. Considering that this season has fights, yelling, and a literal ambulance, I think that any bachelor who steers clear has to be relatively sane.

Anyways, keep an eye out for this guy, because he's going to play a bigger role than it might initially seem.

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