Who Is Peter Weber, the Rumored Pick for 'The Bachelor'?

Peter Weber was one of the contestants on Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season, and is now being eyed for a big new role in Bachelor Nation. Spoilers ahead.

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Original post: Californian pilot Peter Weber is one of the contestants on Hannah Brown's upcoming Bachelorette season, which Chris Harrison promises to be the most dramatic ever (although, to be fair, he says that pretty much every season). And though Peter hasn't gotten as much screen time in the initial promos as other contestants, there's been increasing buzz about in him in the run-up to the premiere. So, let's start from the start—what do we know about him? 

Update: Per Reality Steve, Peter is the newest Bachelor. (You can read more about the race to win the coveted role here.) It's about as confirmed as you can get, without ABC officially bringing him out (that'll happen Tuesday night)—they've filmed the reunion show and announced him as the next Bachelor in front of an audience, plus they've even filmed his intro video and lined up the 33 women vying for his heart.

The announcement is unsurprising, if a little disappointing. Peter's not terribly different or exciting, at least compared to previous Bachelors before him, and Mike Johnson and Derek Peth were both fan favorites for the role. That said, Peter is incredibly popular, and there will be pilot (and windmill) jokes galore. It'll be an easy season to watch, if not terribly revolutionary. I'm currently taking bets on how many ladies either dress up as a windmill or reference it in their intros—my guess is three.

Here's what we know about him.

He ended up having a ton of Bachelor Nation fans.

Throughout the course of the show, Peter had a particularly nice arc: He was pleasantly undramatic, while a lot of the other contestants got embroiled in the Luke Parker drama (ugh). He wowed Hannah not just through their physical connection—he was the Windmill Hookup Guy (and they hooked up FOUR TIMES in one night)—but their emotional connection too. On their one-on-one, he spoke Spanish to her. He took her flying on his hometown date. The only thing Hannah said was holding her back was that Peter was a little hesitant to share his feelings, otherwise he was the perfect guy.

After he left the show, Peter expressed how grateful he was. "Thank you Hannah for the opportunity to pursue your heart. You will always have a little bit of mine after the time we were able to spend together," he said. Then he made a crack about how all his friends were teasing him about the windmill (lol).

And just like that, Peter cemented his place in the Bachelor Universe.

He's invested in nonprofit work.

This is all kinds of adorable: Peter has made the most of his newfound fame by repeatedly posting about Seed to Mountain Ministries, even putting it in his Instagram bio. (Here's what Seed to Mountain Ministries says it's all about: "Our mission at SEED2MTN Ministries is to provide women of all ages as well as children of all backgrounds who have “faith as small as a mustard seed” with platforms and opportunities to move mountains for positive social change.")

Peter has also been vocal about the critical importance of donating blood, and has said that one of his dreams is to start a foundation dedicated to battling leukemia in honor of his late grandmother.

He has the most adorable family dog.

Meet Tripp, a white poodle mix:

Tripp, apparently, enjoys chilling with Peter in hotel rooms. (I would too, Tripp.)

He says Hannah will always have a bit of his heart.

"Thank you Hannah for the opportunity to pursue your heart. You will always have a little bit of mine after the time we were able to spend together," he wrote on Instagram.

He's from California.

According to his Bachelorette bio: "He enjoys snowboarding, watching football and line dancing. Peter's life motto is 'you should live this life always expecting something great is about to happen to you.'"

Soooo, I guess he's a free spirit? That line dancing thing is confusing me. Is this...line dancing?

He's a pilot.

And apparently it runs in the family, per his bio: "Peter's parents met while his dad was a pilot and his mom was a flight attendant." He works for Delta, so you can expect Delta to be name-dropped a whole bunch in his Bachelor season.

From his Bachelorette bio, we know that big gestures involving flying might be a signature move. "He once took a girl on a sunset flight to Santa Barbara for dinner."

Just look at him in uniform!

He made it to overnight dates.

Peter was a bit of a surprise for Reality Steve: There wasn't a ton of hype about him in advance. Peter was clearly one of the Bachelorette "dark horse" types who did overwhelming well, but didn't get a ton of air time early on in the season.

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