'The Hills: New Beginnings' Has a New Trailer and I'm Not Ready

If you would have told me seven summers ago while I laid in bed nostalgically watching re-runs of Laguna Beach that I would be waiting for new episodes of The Hills in 2019 (with Mischa freaken Barton!) I would have never believed you...and yet here we are. The Hills: New Beginnings officially premieres on June 24, and MTV just dropped a new trailer for it.

Naturally, the one-minute trailer opens up with an old clip of Audrina riding on the back of Justin Bobby's motorcycle, and you can immediately tell their sexual tension will be a major plot line this season. Cue a brief montage of Brody and Frankie, then Whitney, then Speidi followed by the line, "It wasn't the end of the book. It was only the end of the chapter."

In the trailer Heidi declares, "Life has drastically changed," which, yes. It's 2019 and somehow we have Heidi, Spencer, Whitney, Jason, Justin, Audrina, and Stephanie in the same room again. Towards the end, Audrina and Justin awkwardly clink glasses and call each other friends. (Again, MTV's out here giving the people what they want.)

Unfortunately, there will be no LC or Kristin Cav this time around...but MTV must have figured they made up for it by casting Barton. It's still unclear how her storyline will play out (and how she even landed in this group in the first place). What is clear is that I feel insanely old, and I cannot wait until this show comes back.

The Hills: New Beginnings premieres June 24 on MTV.

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