Cam Ayala from 'The Bachelorette' Has Inspired Some Pretty Amazing Memes

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Spoilers from The Bachelorette episode 3. Cam Ayala from The Bachelorette has already made quite a name for himself rapping, aggressively claiming time with Hannah—oh and interrupting a bunch of dates and one-on-one time with the rest of the bachelors. Social media has been lit on fire with the best responses, and the best is yet to come, considering there's a confrontation upcoming.

That outfit, though.

For this particular group date, his getup was a sweatshirt and a blazer, and he looked very sweaty.

Poor sick Hannah is all of us.

Hannah had to go to the ER (not because she spent time with Cam, but fans assumed it was because his presence literally poisoned her, lol):

Also, let's not forget the rapping.

Two times rapping in two episodes? That's Cam!

And his mantra.

For Cam, it's Always Be Cam. For fans, it's something different.

Other bachelors need their time!

After Mike had a really tender, vulnerable, devastating story about how his ex and he got pregnant, and she lost the baby in the second trimester (meaning that the group date made him remember what had happened), Cam interrupted THREE times...only to later tell Hannah that he quit his job for her. That was his big story. It was not a great look, Cam.

Cam, the creepy.

Fans have definitely noticed his ability to peek over the other bachelors and, uh, "command" the room with his presence.

And fans do not appreciate it.

Just about everyone's irritated with it right now:

And the producers loooove it.

This is important, especially since there's more Cam drama to come tonight.

Cam, revealing his "brilliant plan" to the bachelors.

A.k.a. how he's going to win Hannah over with his tale of woe.

The bachelors were unimpressed.

And the chat itself was...special.

People were thrilled he didn't get a rose.

Not just fans:

But the other bachelors too.

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