Kirk From 'Gilmore Girls' Just Got Married In Real Life

No, not to Lulu.

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Gilmore Girls fans around the world are shook: Kirk has finally found his soulmate. On June 15, Sean Gunn, the actor who plays Stars Hollow's oddball resident, Kirk, got married. According to PeoplePenn married actress Natasha Halevi on Southern California’s Catalina Island. The dress code for the wedding? "‘1920s disco ball goes to the beach,’ which basically meant: be fun, be fabulous, be colorful, be shiny, be awesome. We wanted to get rid of the fear of outshining anyone — and our friends definitely brought it," Halevi told People. Looks like some of Kirk's quirks were kept intact.

Gunn posted this adorable photo to Instagram with the caption: "Oh hey, I got married you guys."

He followed up with a very sweet individual post to thank his now-wife. "I have about a zillion wedding photos and a zillion and one people to thank and I’ll get to them all in due time, but I’m going to start by thanking my wife @tashalitas, who is a force of nature and made it all happen the way it all happened. Thanks, Lefty," Gunn wrote.

According to People, celebrity guests included Judy Greer, who was in the wedding party, Jennifer Holland, and Jenna Fisher. Didn't get your invite? Don't worry. It doesn't appear many of the Gilmore Girls cast attended either. However, there was some representation from the show's creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, also know for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Keico Agena, who played Lane Kim. Agena posted a photo of herself with Palladino on Instagram.

Agena also shared this collage from Gunn's wedding day:

Don't feel bad if you didn't make the invite list! Ms. Patty will probably be on her fourth husband pretty soon.

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