'The Crown' Photos of "Charles" and "Diana" on Tour In Australia Are Uncanny

Yes, I did a double take.

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Now that the release date for season three of Netflix's popular historical drama The Crown has officially been announced (November 17, baby!), fans of the the series can hardly wait to binge watch the entire new season. The third installment of the royal drama finds us in the 1960s, with Queen Elizabeth (The Favourite's Olivia Colman) now in her mid-fifties and leading a vastly different England than the one we encountered in the first two seasons of the show. Your other Buckingham faves have also aged since the last season of The Crown, with Helena Bonham Carter playing the vivacious Princess Margaret and Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip.

Also joining the cast are Josh O'Connor and Emma Corrin; the newbie actors will be playing Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, respectively. Season three of The Crown will explore more of Prince Charles' story, including the pressures that comes from being the future king of England as well as the complicated love triangle between Charles, Diana, and Camilla Shand (played by Emerald Fennell). While we probably won't get to see the dramatic climax of Charles and Diana's turbulent marriage play out in the third season of the show—season four promises to tell the juiciest bits of that story—the couple will play a part in the upcoming season. And from the looks of it, their storyline is going to be good because O'Connor and Corrin look exactly like their real life counterparts.

A sneak peek taken during filming of the fourth season of The Crown shows O'Connor and Corrin on-location in the desert of Almería, Spain. O'Connor is dressed in safari attire, and Corrin is dressed in a no-frills white dress. If these outfits and this locale looks familiar to you, it's because the scene they're shooting is a callback to Charles and Diana's 1983 tour of Australia.

Charles And Diana At Uluru

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We can't wait to see how Charles and Diana's story plays out over the course of the next two seasons, but of course, we'll just have to exercise some virtue. In the meantime, refresh your memory by streaming the last two seasons of The Crown on Netflix now.

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