Who Is 'Bachelor' Contestant Natasha Parker, a TV Producer?

Rumors are already swirling about Peter Weber's 'Bachelor' season — and Natasha Parker is one of the coolest contestants we've had in a long time.

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Potential spoilers for The Bachelor. Premiering on January 6, Peter Weber's Bachelor season is already sparking rumors about who are, you know, the contestants to pay attention to. Natasha Parker, one of the women vying for Weber's heart, is one of the coolest contestants we've seen in a long time, with an awesome job, cool hobbies, and a sweet online persona.

Fingers crossed, she either does really well on the show—or, if she doesn't, we get to see her on our TV screens in some capacity for years to come. Here's what we know about her so far, and we'll update when we learn more. 

Parker, according to her LinkedIn, graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2010. She's a production manager for HBO in the Creative Marketing production department "managing promo shoots for all original content across multiple platforms for HBO/Cinemax promotion." Based on her website, she's worked on marketing content for shows like Ballers2 Dope Queens, and Succession. So, uh, she has the coolest job ever, is what I'm saying.

She also works as a freelance producer—so she very likely has a strong understanding of how production works. Will that give her an edge as a contestant?? At the very least, she'll know how editing works, which is key for getting through the show quasi-unscathed (seriously, former contestants occasionally talk about the experience as if it's the most grueling six weeks of their lives).

Here's some of Parker's recent work:

She lives in New York.
No surprise, given her profession, but Parker lives in New York. A number of Weber's women are from the South, so she'll stand out a little in that regard. But, like most Bachelorverse contestants, she travels a bunch and has a cool, zen-like persona online.

This is Parker:

She's very family-oriented, according to her Instagram, and loves being an aunt:

She's also practiced yoga seriously for about a year, according to this post:

And she's, TBH, amazing at it.

She does well on the show.

No spoilers about the winner here, but we do know that Parker at least makes it to the top six of Weber's women, according to Reality Steve. We also know she shows up in the trailer, thanks to a carefully timed screenshot:

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Which means she probably got a one-on-one, and that she and Peter get time to develop a relationship. I am really hopeful she does well—she looks and sounds amazing.

Here's what we know so far about Weber's season.

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