Peter Weber's Forehead Scar on 'The Bachelor' Comes From a Pretty Ugly Story

In later previews of Peter Weber's 'The Bachelor' season, Weber sports an impressive head scar — a forehead scar, to be specific.

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24
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Ever since we got word that Peter Weber split his forehead open while shooting his Bachelor season this past October, the question on everyone's mind is: what happened? Also, how is the show going to deal with this? Well, just wait, because the truth is even more intense than you expect it to be. Even though Weber wears the scar well (it's a little, dare I say it, sexy).

As a mildly squeamish person, when I first learned about this, I a) thorough did not enjoy the details of this story, and b) was deeply, deeply curious how much they go into it on the show. Seriously, just take a look for yourself—it's a thing on this season. Here's what we know.

It was more dramatic before Weber explained on The Bachelor what happened.

Update, 2/13: In a not-uncommon move for The Bachelor, the whole incident was painted as pretty dramatic—until the episode actually aired, and Weber explained what actually happened. Multiple outlets had reported that Weber "split open his face" on some glasses, which is, well, kind of true? As Weber explained to the contestants, he basically hit his head on a golf cart (happens to the best of us, Weber), and slammed his head into the glass he was carrying (ouch), which broke.

Here's the (actually hilarious) re-enactment of what happened:

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And here's the (much less dramatic) security footage:

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Obviously, it was a pretty serious injury, but...not a particularly dramatic one, basically.

He fell onto some glasses.

Original post: According to Us Weekly, Weber "split open his face." (OW.) The source explained, "It was a two-hour drive from the course to the hospital in San Jose; he got 22 stitches in his face.” They added that Weber was carrying two glasses and basically fell onto them. Per Radar, they were two cocktail glasses (OWWWWW). “The reason he traveled for two hours to a hospital was that this specific hospital had a surgeon that specialized in his injuries. He underwent surgery," said the Us Weekly source (insert barf emoji).  

Harrison downplayed the incident, saying, "Peter suffered a freak accident. He got a cut on his head. He did get stitches, but he’s 100 percent okay and production is already back underway. He’s still the dashing, handsome pilot we’ve all dreamed of." But can you imagine how loudly the producers screamed when they found out?

It's been touched up for interviews.

Fans first noticed the scar when Weber returned to social media and started posting videos on his Instagram Stories. In his public appearances, makeup artists have been very good at hiding the scar." You can juuuust see it here during a New Year's Eve interview, but it's been touched up a little by a makeup artist, I think:

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2020

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In this interview with The Ringer's Juliet Litman, you can see it more clearly, but it's still touched up:

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(Image credit: The Ringer)

Why do I know that it's been partially covered up by makeup in those appearances, you ask? Well, the below photo is from an aviation event on January 16, 2020, so you can see that without any makeup at all, it still looks painful.

Living Legends of Aviation Awards - Arrivals

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However! Sometimes the scar is completely covered up with makeup, as it was on this press tour—a week before the above photo was taken. The magic of concealer, am I right?

ABC Television's Winter Press Tour 2020 - Arrivals

(Image credit: Rodin Eckenroth)

There are a bunch of Harry Potter memes about it.

Weber is now He's The Boy Who Lived (through cracking his face open and getting 22 stitches)! Like I wasn't going to make a Harry Potter joke. Psh. And I'm not alone in this:

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Actually, Peter, I think you should start saying to people "You want to know how I got this scar?" as a Dark Knight reference.

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