Before Peter Weber Was a Pilot, He Was In Commercials

Before he was a pilot, 'Bachelor' Peter Weber was ... a child actor? Yup, he starred in a Sylvan Learning Center ad.

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24
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As we continue to watch Bachelor Peter Weber feel his way towards his "future wife"—this season has been weird, guys—fans have discovered that our friendly star was actually a child actor before he was a pilot. And there is evidence, thanks to a 2005 commercial for Sylvan Learning Center that the now-28 year old would have filmed when he was 13. Prepare yourself, because it's amazing and fans are losing their minds with delight.

The commercial stars a tiny Peter.

Everything about this is simultaneously adorable and cringeworthy (as would it be for me or any other human person rewatching their younger selves). Little Peter peeks out from the hallway as his mom reads his improved report card. They hug, and little tiny baby Peter explains, "School was tough, then Sylvan helped me read better." Cut to: a whole montage of itty bitty pre-pilot Peter reading, hanging out with students, and just generally smiling cheesily in the exact same way he does on the show (when he's not, you know, weeping from all the drama).

For real, though, you have to watch it:

Someday, little Peter, you will be a part of a strange dating TV show! Just you wait!

Weber responded to the ad's renewed popularity.

Can you imagine your early acting work as a tween broadcast for millions to see? (I would barf, TBH.) But of course, when Weber was asked about the commercial on E!'s Daily Pop, he was characteristically low-key. “Oh man,” he said with a laugh. “My voice. Thank God I don’t sound like that.”

Weber reminisced about filming the ad, saying, “Yeah, it was actually a lot of fun.” He added, “I really enjoyed that.”

Peter, be prepared for that commercial to be brought out in every interview for the next five years!

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