Kelly and Kenny From 'Love Is Blind' Didn't Get Married After All

...But we did learn that Kelly's mom is actually the best.

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Warning: Love Is Blind finale spoilers ahead.

Please alert my boss that I will be taking a personal day today...Kenny and Kelly didn't get married in the Love Is Blind finale. I repeat: Kenny and Kelly DID! NOT! GET! MARRIED! Every single person shipped this couple (along with Lauren and Cameron, of course), including the Love Is Blind cast during earlier episodes. When Kenny's mom said she could see Kelly fitting into their family, my heart melted a bit.

Ultimately, though, Kelly realized she loved Kenny...but she wasn't in love with him.


Kenny handled Kelly's decision with the most grace out of all the cast members who were turned down at the altar, and spoke directly to the crowd of family and friends. He basically stated that it "just wasn't their time" and it was very complicated to explain. But the best part is that while Kenny was making his speech, Kelly's mom turned around to her family and goes, "God, I love this guy." Reminder: Her daughter has already left the room in tears with her sister. A full-blown mood.

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The only couples that actually ended up getting married are Amber and Barnett and Cameron and Lauren, which is not a surprise at all. We knew Jessica wouldn't go through with her marriage to Mark (she finally admitted that she doesn't believe love is blind), and Damian and Gigi were toxic.

Kenny and Kelly, though? A heartbreaker.

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