The Best Reactions to 'The Last Dance' Finale

ESPN's Michael Jordan docuseries, The Last Dance, is over, and Twitter has a lot of feelings about it.

chicago bulls player michael jordan sticks out his
(Image credit: VINCENT LAFORET)

ESPN's hit docuseries The Last Dance has come to an end far too soon—just like Michael Jordan's career with the Bulls as the legend reminded us in the last few minutes of the finale. In the 10-episode series, we all learned a lot about the iconic athlete's career, parts of his personal life, like the tragic story behind his father's death (though both his first wife, Juanita Vanoy, current wife, Yvette Prieto, and his children, were notably absent from the series, with his three eldest children finally making a brief appearance in the last episode), and his effect on pop culture. And the fans have a lot of feelings about it, taking to Twitter to share their love for the series—and devastation that it's all over.

Here, some of the best reactions on Twitter:

Some are about Michael Jordan's reaction at the end of the doc

Others are mourning the series' end

Some thank ESPN for making the series

And many just are Michael Jordan stans

And some of them are just very funny

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do on Sunday nights going forward now that I don't have The Last Dance to look forward to. Maybe the producers will take pity on us all and release one bonus episode that's just Michael Jordan's full reactions to watching what his teammates and the Bulls' management said about him on that iPad.

Because I'm ready for one interrupted hour of that MJ tea.