'Unsolved Mysteries' Just Released a Google Drive Full of Unaired Evidence

It's an Internet sleuth's dream come true.

In the wake of the news that there have been at least 20 "credible" tips to Unsolved Mysteries after six new episodes appeared on Netflix, fans and amateur sleuths have been poring over the available information to see if they can come up with new leads. Luckily, Netflix just made this even easier—they just released on Reddit a public Google drive filled with the unaired evidence from each of the six episodes. Included among them are pieces of information that viewers have been super interested in going over, and response to the drive has been enthusiastic so far. What do we know?

What's in the Unsolved Mysteries drive?

The full drive, which you can see here, includes close up photos of evidence, extended clips from the episode, reports detailing some of the aspects of each crime, interviews, and other important details that didn't make it into the episodes.

The case that's probably garnered the most online excitement is that of Rey Rivera, who disappeared and was found having crashed through the roof of a prominent Baltimore hotel after being called from his house by a mysterious phone call. The drive provides a slightly clearer picture of the bizarre, cryptic note he left behind his computer on the day he died (although I still can't read what it says in full). There's also a list of people's names Rivera asked "to be made five years younger," although last names are blacked out.

There's also information that covers the Count Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès sightings over the years, for example—content that was not included in the episode but has been covered by various news outlets. The reporter most involved with the case says in an unaired clip she thinks Ligonnès is still alive, but far, far away from France.

The drive has been updated with new details.

Redditors who were hoping for a confirmed season two walked away empty-handed, even though a second part to season one of Unsolved Mysteries is scheduled to be released in October. But new information continues to come out on the drive: Rey Rivera's fall trajectory, written testimonials of UFO sightings from the Berkshires episode five, and details from Alonzo Brooks' autopsy were all apparently recently added to the information that's available. According to Cosmo UK, the drive will continue to be updated when new information comes in, so make sure to bookmark that page.


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