The Best True Crime Documentaries of 2021

Anna Delvey, tell me your secrets!

true crime documentaries 2021

Calling all internet sleuths, cloak-and-dagger conspiracy theorists, and cold case-solving aficionados: We see you, because we are you. For some unknown reason (though psychologists have sneaking suspicions), many of us are obsessed by true crime and the people behind the schemes, from the fraudulent socialites who seize the headlines for all the wrong reasons to the commanders-in-chief conducting sordid Oval Office affairs. And then there are the heinous cases of downright diabolical, cold-blooded killers, which we follow with fervor, both out of fear and fascination.

So, if you've already binged your way shamelessly through every available true crime show that came out in 2020 (no judgment, same) we have your brand-new 2021 watchlist. And when your eyes need a break (or you just want to keep your internet browsing history from truly looking like something out of the serial killer's playbook), plug in to one of our favorite true crime podcasts.

The Ripper (Netflix)

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The Ripper technically came out in December of 2020, but if you were too busy watching Bridgerton you might have missed it. (Fair, I didn't look up for eight straight hours, either.) The four-part miniseries investigates a serial killer (know as the Yorkshire Ripper) who took the lives of 13 women in West Yorkshire and Manchester from 1975 through 1980.


Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (Netflix)

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The summer of 1985 in Los Angeles is remembered for two things: One, there was a record-breaking heat wave that swept the city. And two, and most notable and notorious: there was a serial killer on the loose. With no defined pattern, the "Night Stalker," as he was dubbed by the headlines, terrorized citizens while police chased for answers. This new Netflix documentary chronicles the case and includes interviews with the two L.A. County Sheriff’s Department detectives who finally apprehended the killer.

Premiere Date: January 13

Dr. Death (Peacock)

Doctors swear to protect human life, but one Texas-based neurosurgeon decided to take life instead. Based on the widely popular podcast of the same name, this miniseries dissects the details of the confounding case of a back surgeon who killed or maimed 33 patients under his care. Also examined: the flawed hospital system in the United States that allowed him to continue to practice medicine for years. Joshua Jackson is set to play the insidious surgeon himself, Dr. Christopher Duntsch.

Premiere Date: TBD


American Crime Story: Impeachment (Netflix)

The long-anticipated limited series about the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex scandal paused production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the buzz around it is as strong as ever. Monica Lewinsky (played in the series by Beanie Feldstein) is reportedly consulting on the show, so it's fair to expect that never-before-been-shared storylines will unfold on screen. Though it's unclear if the show will be released in 2021, we'll be ready when it eventually comes—after all, we've waited for 25 years for the full story, so what's another few months?

(No word if "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" is in the script.)

Premiere Date: TBD

a photograph showing former white house intern monica lewinsky meeting president bill clinton at a white house function submitted as evidence in documents by the starr investigation and released by the house judicary committee september 21, 1998
Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton are the subjects of a new season of American Crime Story.
Getty Images

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Netflix)

Told predominately from the viewpoint of the notorious serial killer's victim, Monster explores both Jeffrey Dahmer's crime spree as well as the botched police investigation that allowed him to continue to kill for over 10 years. Headed by binge-show power duo Ryan Murphy (Ratched; American Horror Story) and Janet Mock (who made history as the first Black trans woman to establish an overall deal with Netflix), let's hope this hits screens before 2022.

Premiere Date: TBD

jeffrey dahmer mughsot in august 1982  photo by bureau of prisonsgetty images
Jeffrey Dahmer’s mugshot.
Donaldson Collection

Inventing Anna (Netflix)

From 2013 to 2017, Anna Delvey, masquerading as an elusive, foreign party girl heiress, scammed and swindled New York City's elite out of hundreds of thousands of dollars (not to mention, free luxury hotel stays, exotic vacations, and designer clothes). As if the naturally-juicy story wasn't already full of salacious storylines, this partially fictionalized miniseries will be produced by the queen of drama herself, Shonda Rhimes.

Premiere Date: TBD

sorokins attorney todd spodek is seen left of fake german heiress anna sorokin as she is led away after being sentenced in manhattan supreme court may 9, 2019 following her conviction last month on multiple counts of grand larceny and theft of services photo by timothy a clary  afp        photo credit should read timothy a claryafp via getty images
Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin)
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