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'Bridgerton' Season 2: Everything We Know

What's next for the Bridgerton family?

Name a more interesting hook for a TV series than "a very feminist, very steamy take on the strict social mores of early 19th century London, all narrated by an unseen gossip hound voiced by Julie Andrews"—I dare you. That's Bridgerton, Shonda Rhimes' first project under her massive Netflix deal, which dropped Dec. 25, 2020 and basically combines all the best parts of Pride & Prejudice and Gossip Girl. It quickly became Netflix's biggest hit ever, with 82 million households watching the show in its first month. For context, that's not far off the Super Bowl (around 100 million households per year).

Some people—certainly not me, but surely someone with less obsessive tendencies and more varied taste in TV—might think that eight and a half hours of longing glances, illicit affairs, empire-waist dresses, and queenly proclamations would be more than enough to satisfy any lover of period dramas. To those people, I say: I've got a Regency-era-dramedy-induced fever, and the only prescription is more Bridgerton. Fortunately for us all, a second season of the Shondaland masterpiece is coming—it's already started filming in England (more on that in a moment)—with seasons three and four already confirmed and being planned out by the geniuses over at Shondaland, in addition to a Queen Charlotte limited prequel series.

Has Bridgerton been renewed for a second season?

Yes! On January 21, Netflix announced that it had renewed Bridgerton for a second season. The news was announced via an image of Lady Whistledown's Society Papers, and confirmed that season 2 will start shooting in the spring of 2021.

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When will Bridgerton season two come out?

Don't expect the second season to come out until the end of 2021, at the very earliest. Filming for the first season took nine months, and that was in a pre-pandemic world. Given that the second season started filming in the spring of 2021, it's likely to wrap in the fall or winter of 2021, meaning we're most likely to see season two premiere in early to mid-2022. Fans are hoping for a Christmas 2021 date, a year after the release of season one, but that's unlikely (sorry to be the bearer of bad news!).

What will Bridgerton season two be about?

Fortunately for the masterminds at Shondaland and viewers at home, there's plenty more intel about the Bridgerton family to be mined from Julia Quinn's series of romance novels on which the show is based. At the core of the book series are eight novels, each focusing on one of the Bridgerton offspring—who, by the way, were very helpfully named in alphabetical order, from A to H. Beyond those eight stories, Quinn has also published two extra collections of gossip columnist Lady Whistledown's writings and a series of short novellas that serve as "second epilogues" for each of the books; on top of all of that, Quinn recently revealed that she's currently working on a prequel for the series that would follow the Bridgertons as children, because she clearly understands that there's no such thing as too much Bridgerton.

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The first season loosely follows the events of the first book in Quinn's series, The Duke & I, which centers on the eldest Bridgerton daughter Daphne's entrance into society and search for a husband who offers both passion and high status; she does so by way of a scheme involving a fake betrothal that quickly becomes all too real. Logically, then, a second season would take its inspiration from the second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me. That story follows the eldest Bridgerton, Anthony, on his own quest for love. The classic rom-com trope this time around sees Anthony's fiancée's disapproving and very protective older sister reluctantly warming up to the "consummate rake"—perhaps a little too much so.

“We’re very much passing on the baton to the lovely [Jonathan Bailey], who plays Anthony, and that will be the main story line of season 2 and the story arc of season 2,” said Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne Bridgerton. Of stepping back in season two, she added: "The show centers around the Bridgertons, and there are eight books. And I think maybe the fans of the books were more aware of that happening than the fans of the show.”

Who will play Anthony Bridgerton's love interest in Bridgerton season 2?

Netflix revealed that Simone Ashley will be joining the Bridgerton cast as Kate Sharma. "Get ready to fall in love with Simone Ashley..." the Netflix announcement reads. "Kate is a smart, headstrong young woman who suffers no fools—Anthony Bridgerton very much included." (Fans of the book series will remember the character as "Kate Sheffield.") Ashley is known best for her part as Olivia in Netflix's Sex Education.

Speaking with the Today Show in January, show creator Chris Van Dusen gave more details about Kate and Anthony's relationship calling it, per Deadline, "sweeping and moving and as beautiful as viewers of the first season have come to expect from the show.” He continued: “We left [Anthony] at the end of the first season at a bit of a crossroads, so I’m looking forward to jumping in and discovering how he fares on the marriage market.”

The official description of Julia Quinn's The Viscount Who Loved Me introduces Kate as "the most meddlesome woman to ever grace a London ballroom" and as a "spirited schemer." And according to OprahMag.com, Kate is also a proud dog mom to Winston, a lovable Corgi. Fingers crossed Winston makes the Netflix crossover.

Did season one include any hints about future episodes?

Several moments of Bridgerton's first season all but confirmed that the next installment will revolve around Anthony. Those familiar with Quinn's series know that bees play a significant role throughout the books: In the second, The Viscount Who Loved Me, we learn that patriarch Edmund Bridgerton, whose death was only rarely mentioned in the show's first season, died of a bee sting at the age of 38. As a result, his two eldest sons are understandably very wary of bees, with Anthony especially terrified of the insects, a fear that continually arises throughout his search for a bride.

'The Viscount Who Loved Me' (Bridgerton, Book 2)

Nods to Anthony's greatest fear were hidden throughout season one of Bridgerton. Barely a minute into the first episode, a bumblebee is shown crawling on the Bridgerton estate's door knocker; as a sort of bookend, the final episode closes on a close-up shot of a bee buzzing along the windowsill of Daphne's room. Plus, in the seventh episode, as Insider discovered, Benedict wears a bee-shaped pin on his collar, which feels like a strange power move to direct at the cause of a major family tragedy.

Will Daphne and Simon's love story continue in season two?

Unfortunately not. Though they got a happy ending at the end of season one, it was confirmed in April 2021 that Regé-Jean Page would not be returning as Simon Bassett.

Phoebe Dynevor will be returning as Daphne, however. Of Simon, she told The Wrap: “I think he’ll definitely be referred to a lot. I think we’ll see the baby. And we’ll just focus more on her relationship with the Bridgerton family.”

How do the cast and crew feel about a second season?

It's safe to assume they're thrilled to return to their beloved London "ton." Nicola Coughlan, who plays the delightfully refreshing Penelope Featherington in the series, recently said as much. "I feel like we've established this big world, so I'd love to explore more of it," she told Radio Times, adding that she'd be particularly excited to explore more of Penelope's world. "I'd love to go on that journey with her, to see how she's changed," Coughlan said. "I'd really love to come back, because I feel like we've just scratched the surface. And because there's such a huge cast in this show, there's so much more of all the characters."

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The eponymous family of Netflix’s Bridgerton.
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The Duchess of Hastings, too, declared that she would willingly pass the baton to her brother Anthony and assist him in his search for the perfect partner in a second season. "I love that [Daphne's] story ends really nicely; it's all tied up at the end. Now, I have a feeling that she's going to have to get involved with Anthony's love life, since it's his turn next," Phoebe Dynevor told T&C. "I'm a hopeless romantic, so I'm all for the happily-ever-after ending."

And finally, if showrunner Chris Van Dusen has anything to say about it, we'll get not just a second season of Bridgerton, but seven more installments: one to cover each of the Bridgerton children's stories. When asked by Collider whether he'd like to adapt all eight of Quinn's novels for the screen, Van Dusen said, "I would love that. In success, I would love that."

He explained, "I feel like the first season was primarily about Daphne and her love story with Simon. But, this being a family of eight children and there being eight books, I would love to be able to focus and really tell stories and love stories for all the Bridgerton siblings. For each character, for sure."

From his lips to Netflix's ears.

What new characters should we expect for season two?

In addition to Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma, the Hollywood Reporter announced April 5 that four new characters have been cast. Charithra Chandran (Alex Rider) will play Edwina Sharma, Kate's younger sister who's a debutante looking for a true love match. Shelley Conn (Liar) will play Kate and Edwina's mother, Lady Mary Sharma. Calam Lynch (Benediction) will play Theo Sharpe, a hardworking printer's assistant, and Rupert Young (Dear Evan Hansen) plays Jack, a new character who isn't from the books who has a connection to one of Bridgerton's most notable families.

Rupert Evans, who you'll remember from Charmed, has been cast as Edmund, the late Bridgerton patriarch and father of the siblings. He'll likely be featured in Anthony's flashbacks, since Edmund's death had a profound effect on Anthony. The first season ended with a shot of a bee, which is a callback to how Edmund died (an allergic reaction to a bee sting) and an indication that Edmund will feature heavily in the Anthony-centric season two.

One character from season one was so popular, she's getting her own spin-off show rather than play a smaller role in future seasons: Queen Charlotte, who played a major role in season one in spite of not being in the original Bridgerton books. The as-yet-untitled limited series, written by Shonda Rhimes herself, will trace the journey of a young Charlotte; it will also feature young Violet Bridgerton and young Lady Danbury.

When will season two begin filming?

Netflix initially announced that filming would begin March 2021, but after possible pandemic-caused delays, production began in April 2021 in London.

Returning cast members expressed their excitement to return to the world of Bridgerton on social media. On April 2, Adjoa Andoh, who plays Lady Danbury, posted a picture of herself, Golda Rosheuvel (Queen Charlotte), and Ruth Gemmell (Lady Bridgerton) in costume with the caption "Gearing Up for Season 2..." With their Charlie's Angels-style poses and grins, it looks like they're as ready to return to Bridgerton as we are.

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On April 30, Simone Ashley was spotted on the Bridgerton set for the first time. In the scene, Ashley's character, Kate Sharma, joins Sir Anthony (played by Jonathan Bailey) in the stands at a horse race (pictures are available here, if you're interested). In May, more photos from the set emerged—you can see them here.

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