'Too Hot to Handle' Season 2 Release Schedule

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too hot to handle season 2
(Image credit: Tom Dymond)

If one of Lana the Cone's rules on Netflix's Too Hot to Handle were "No binge watching" we'd all have burned through all the grand prize cash in *checks watch* one day. Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle hit the streamer on Wednesday, June 23, but with just four out of 10 episodes available for our viewing pleasure, many fans found themselves lusting after more content within hours.

But fret not: If you're wondering when you'll get your fill of more horny-singles-who-have-been-forced-into-a-celibacy-pact, here's the release schedule for Too Hot to Handle season 2:

  • Episodes 1-4: June 23
  • Episodes 5-10: June 30 at 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT

What happened in the first four episodes of Too Hot to Handle?

We'll keep the spoilers light. The 10 singles were introduced to each other (and promptly began flirting) before a bombshell was dropped on them: They were not, in fact, on a show called "Parties in Paradise." Instead, they were on Too Hot to Handle and Lana would be their very strict chaperone banning all things sexual. Despite the rules, several of the contestants began pairing off and engaging in forbidden acts (losing the gang several thousand dollars of prize money in the process). And in the fourth episode, Lana revealed not only that some new people would be joining the Turks and Caicos resort but that others would be asked to leave.

Why are the episodes dropped in two installments?

Well, because nothing hooks an audience better than a cliffhanger. Season 1 dropped all eight episodes in one go, but, of course, the streamer had yet to know how successful the dating show would be. Netflix’s unscripted chief Brandon Riegg revealed to Deadline that they were "experimenting with the release format so [fans] have time to dissect and dish on every step of the competition as it unfolds." He also teased that the entire season would be full of "twists and surprises."

The staggered release schedule mimics the format The Circle season 2 followed earlier this year.

Will there be a reunion special?

Nothing has been announced yet but based on season 1—which saw so much success the streamer greenlit a virtual reunion during the pandemic—we can assume the season 2 contestants will also gather for some kind of post-filming reunion.