'Morning Show' Stars Mark Duplass and Karen Pittman Play Cast Trivia

Hear about the time the cast had pizza at Jennifer Aniston's house!

The Morning Show might not be what we in the biz call "feel good television," but you'd never know that watching Mark Duplass and Karen Pittman hang out. The stars of the Apple TVdrama—you'll know them as Chip and Mia, respectively—played a round of Marie Claire's "How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?" and proved that while things often get tense in their "newsroom" they keep it very fun off-camera.

Duplass shared some R-rated details about his 30th birthday, Pittman revealed how her first kiss went down, and the hilarious duo summoned the spirit of Michelle Obama. And, of course, they chatted about their favorite cast hangouts, including the time Jennifer Aniston threw a pizza night for everyone at her house. (How do we get a role on this show?)

"We were just in the place where we could start to shed the professionalism—that we needed to come to set with to show everybody that we were pros—and start to let the personalities come forward," Duplass explained of the pizza party.

Watch the stars try their best at our trivia game, and then catch new episodes of season 2 of The Morning Show Fridays on Apple TV+.

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