5 Things to Know This Morning

1. Writer, model, and TV producer Peaches Geldof died Monday morning at the age of 25. The daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, Geldof leaves behind her husband Tom and two sons Astala and Phaedra. The police have stated that the tragedy was "unexplained and sudden."

2. Taylor Swift graced us with her dance moves, yet again. This girl certainly knows how to get down. At the ACM Awards, Swift got groovy to Darius Rucker and Lady Antebellum's performance of "Wagon Wheel," and it was everything.

More of T. Swift rocking and rolling:

3. Yale forced this student to gain weight. After a medical checkup in September, Frances Chan says university officials threatened to put her on medical leave if she didn't agree to weekly mandatory weigh-ins and medical appointments. In response, Chan started unhealthily binge-eating to try and gain weight, which only resulted in two extra pounds. It was then that she realized the problem, stating, "I don't have an eating disorder, and I will not let Yale Health cause me to develop one."

ABC US News | ABC Business News

4. Kate Moss won't wear midi skirts. The gorgeous supermodel does have insecurities of her own. She explains, "I never do mid-calf. I've got bow legs. I can't. I always want everything shorter, shorter, shorter." I think we can all agree that the British babe would look good in just about anything, no matter the length.

5. White House spokesperson Jay Carney had a real conversation about banning selfies, nationwide. Just watch and giggle.

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