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"The way [Meltzer] weaves the story of girl bosses, capitalism, and the toxic-ness behind the scenes is masterful..."

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Being the beauty lovers that we are here at MC, we've heard all about the millennial cosmetics company Glossier and its notorious founder Emily Weiss. Well, at least we thought we did. Then journalist Marisa Meltzer released Glossy, our September #ReadWithMC pick, and we learned quite a bit more, to say the least. In the book, Meltzer hones in on Weiss, starting from her brief stint on MTV's The Hills to launching the wildly successful blog, Into The Gloss. Bursting with industry knowledge and reading like a fiction novel, our book club members were fascinated by Glossy.

While we know Weiss as one of the OG "girlbosses," Meltzer exposes the darker side of the CEO and her company, which readers particularly enjoyed. Reviewer @molly___reads writes, "The author also goes into allegations of racism and a toxic work culture and asks what went wrong for this seemingly idyllic company." @compulsivereadersblog adds, "This book acknowledges the shortcomings as well as the ingenuity, and it’s wildly entertaining for a gal who loves to doll herself up." All in all, our readers agreed you'll be hooked by Glossy and all it's secrets whether or not you're a beauty fan.

Each month, we gather up the reviews of our virtual book club members so anyone else looking for their next great read has a collection of recommendations. Here's what #ReadWithMC readers had to say about Glossy

"💋Glossy Review💋

Thank you to @atriabooks @simon.audio and @marisameltzer and Glossy is out now. #atriapartner

I don’t even know how to start this review I loved this book so much it’s the best book on the beauty industry I have read in so long and like I just adore how it’s not afraid to actually look into Gl0ssier. I say with this review cause there is just so much I want to say about why I loved it but IG caption count lol.

Fun fact: I worked advertising for a big beautu brand (not Gl0ssier) for a year and a half and it was a nightmare. I told myself that’s a field I would never work in again in a at capacity and this book just justified to me why.

Marisa Meltzer is just amazing in how the story of the book itself, Gl0ssier, and Emily Weiss. I could stop listening to the audio and then had to go back to the physical copy cause I was like this is not real it’s so insanely well researched but just cause something is researched doesn’t mean it’s compelling but the way Weiss weaves the story of girl bosses, capitalism, and the toxic ness behind the scenes is masterful.

If you are interested in beauty this is a must read, even if you are not and just love a good nonfiction book or loved the Devil Wears Prada you will not be disappointed. Also if you love a podcast or listening to nonfiction this book is a great listen.💋What is your favorite beauty brand?" — @readergirlie

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"The people asked for a review of Glossy (out on 9/12) and so you shall you get it.

If you are a beauty lover in any capacity then I think you’ll enjoy this. Especially older millennials who remember when Glossier launched in 2010.

Truly, this is a book on Glossier’s mysterious founder and one time CEO, Emily Weiss.

The author doesn’t hold any punches when talking about what an eclectic person Weiss is and how she envisioned Glossier as a startup (which blows my mind).

The author also goes into allegations of racism and a toxic work culture and asks what went wrong for this seemingly idyllic company… the 🍵 is just wonderful.

There wasn’t much of a resolution here because time will only tell what Glossier will become but I really enjoyed this quick read. Thank you @netgalley @marisameltzer @atriabooks for this advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review!" — @molly___reads

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"Literally always here for a deep dive on a startup’s (and it’s founder’s) rise to fame — give me all the dirty deets! 🫖💄

I literally don’t think I’ve ever purchased a single thing from Glossier, but the thing that piqued my interest about GLOSSY by Marisa Meltzer is that it was ABOUT Emily Weiss… and not BY her. 🧐

I didn’t think there was anything wildly controversial about Glossier and Emily Weiss is an interesting (usually secret and off the radar) person, so I didn’t know what to expect but am such a sucker for an intriguing startup story and this is EXACTLY that.

Weiss’s career is fascinating. From Teen Vogue intern (featured on The Hills!? As “super intern”) to celebrity style blogger to beauty mogul — I mean how even. Well, a lot of hard work (plus plenty of privilege.)

Glossier’s story is also interesting to me. I can’t really think of any other non-celeb founded venture-backed beauty biz and Glossier had some secret sauce when it came to marketing. But neither founder nor company is perfect, and I feel like this book tells the honest story for both, without being too critical or praising. Gotta love when a reporter writes the book 😉

Thank you to @onesignalpub and @simon.audio for the review copies. I really enjoyed it (especially on audio!)If you got swept up by the startup world via Elizabeth Holmes, I think you’d find this (less dramatic) female founder story interesting too. Is everyone else so captivated by high-profile founders or is it just me?!" — @booknerdalie

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"Calling all beauty lovers, you NEED to check out GLOSSY by @marisameltzer ❤️💄 such a great look at @emilyweiss and the rise of @glossier - which is one of my favorite makeup brands! This book acknowledges the shortcomings as well as the ingenuity, and it’s wildly entertaining for a gal who loves to doll herself up. I found it truly fascinating! And to match, I put on my “viral” pink hoodie and a full face of Glossier makeup 🥰 what’s your favorite beauty brand?" — @compulsivereadersblog

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