12 Sexy LBGTQ+ Movies That Are Next-Level Hot

Is it hot in here? Nope, it's just these movies.

We as people like sexy things, and there shouldn't be any shame in that. Sometimes opening up a new window and mentally checking out as you watch a bunch of hot people parade across your screen isn't exactly what the doctor ordered, but should've, okay?! And if you're worried you're be the only person who's into them, might I introduce you to the "steamy romance" category on Netflix, which is another fancy way of saying: enough people watch films that have great sex scenes but aren't straight-up porn, Netflix went ahead and made a whole damn category for it.

But if there's anything that is shameful, it's that only in the last couple of years did the world get around to producing more of these kinds of movies with LGBTQ+ couples. Shocker alert: they're also very, very good. Gone are the days of searching the web seeking a film that A) didn't look like it was filmed on a video recorder from the '80s, B) had an interesting plot that didn't seem out of this world bananas, and C) had compelling sex scenes that weren't the product of a teenage boy's fantasy.

So step away from opening up ye' old faithful incognito window and turn towards one of these 12 sexy steamy-to-the-point-your-windows-will-start-fogging movies. All feature LGBTQ+ leads that will satisfy your needs and are available to stream right now. Who said 2020 was all that bad?

'Duck Butter' (2018)

When you go out for drinks and meet people, it usually doesn't end in making a pact with a stranger to spend the next 24 hours together uninterrupted by having sex on the hour. But uh, real life isn't like Duck Butter.

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'The Feels' (2017)

At Andi (Constance Wu) and Lu's (Angela Trimbur) joint bachelorette party, Lu drunkenly lets it slip that she's never had an orgasm. Embarrassed and not wanting to start their marriage on the wrong foot, Andi sets out to fix that, even if it'll take all weekend.

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'Good Kisser' (2019)

Longtime couple Jenna (Kari Alison Hodge) and Kate (Rachel Paulson) are very comfortable in their relationship. In an attempt to spice things up, they bring in a pretty stranger for a night in an attempt to re-light the fire they had at the beginning of the relationship. Things get hot, that's for sure.

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'Room in Rome' (2010)

On their last night in Rome, two lonely women travelers agree to spend one night together to satisfy each other's needs. I guess this would be the perfect time to say: When in Rome?

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'When Night Is Falling' (1995)

Opposites attract in this film about an uptight woman who likes to play by the rules...until she meets an easy-going circus performer one night. Shocker alert: sparks fly, and a lot of rules get broken.

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'The Watermelon Woman' (1996)

All hail the first-ever the first feature film ever directed by a black lesbian: The Watermelon Woman. While the sex scenes in this one are tame by today's standards, the character growth of movie-store employee Cheryl, who sets out to learn more about a famed 1930s black actress, is inspiring.

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'Concussion' (2013)

After suffering a mild concussion, Abby wakes up and realizes she doesn't want to be a housewife to her partner and their son anymore. Not wanting to suppress her needs, she spends a night with a woman escort who specializes in sleeping with lonely women. Inspired, she decides to take up escorting secretly.

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'God Own's Country' (2017)

Before Josh O'Connor was channeling Prince Charles on The Crown, he played lamb farmer Johnny Saxby. Used to nights of binge-drinking and casual sex, his world is turned upside down when Romanian migrant worker Gheorghe Ionescu (Alec Secareanu) shows up to help for the new season.

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'Below Her Mouth' (2016)

A movie with such a title would obviously focus on all the things below your mouth—and don't worry, they show a lot of that, because guess what? These women are having an affair unbeknownst to their friends and partners.

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'Princess Cyd' (2017)

This coming of age film focuses on a 16-year-old girl and her aunt as they go through a transformative summer together, from rediscovering themselves to exploring their inner desires. It's as hot as it is heartwarming.

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'A Perfect Ending' (2012)

Yes, this is another story about a woman named Rebecca who has never experienced an orgasm. But in her defense, she is stuck in a loveless marriage with a man she only has sex with every six months (!!!). Her two best friends tell her to hire a female escort to fix the problem, and things start to look up real quick. Go Rebecca go!

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'Better Than Chocolate' (1999)

Maggie is just starting to get hot and heavy with her new girlfriend Kim when her mother and brother call to say they're moving in. Casual! Adjusting to the new roommates won't be easy, mainly because they don't know about Maggie's sexual orientation, so uh, they'll have to get creative when it comes to their alone time, which is, like, half of the fun of this movie.

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