The New Sarah Jessica Parker Show Is All We've Ever Wanted in a Post-'SATC' World

It's about time.

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Update, 4/17: The other Manolo just dropped, and it's bringing down the house with it. (Because this is such great news, you know?)

Variety reports (opens in new tab) HBO has ordered Sarah Jessica Parker's Divorce to series Thursday, meaning there will be a whole new women/romance-centric show for you to watch sometime in the future. SJP will executive produce and star as divorcée Frances, Molly Shannon will play Frances's friend Diane, and Talia Balsam will play Dallas, another pal who has been widowed and divorced.

Divorce begins shooting in New York this year.

Original post, 12/19: Hear that? It's the collective sound of universal satisfaction, because Sarah Jessica Parker is in talks to return to HBO.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab), Parker is finalizing a pilot deal to executive produce and star in a new comedy. While some might be saddened that it's not a Sex and the City revival, we think the premise of the new project sounds way more enticing. Titled Divorce, the show centers around Parker's character, a middle-aged women who, upon being influenced by two newly-single friends, brings up the idea of divorce to her husband.

As if the concept weren't compelling enough, Parker will be working with writer Paul Simms, who has collaborated with Lena Dunham on Girls. The cherry on top of the sundae? Deadline (opens in new tab) reports that the series will be shot right in Carrie Bradshaw's old stomping grounds: NYC.

As all of us SATC enthusiasts well know, this is Parker's first major TV commitment since the iconic show, which put HBO on the map, ended in 2004. We can only hope it'll be even better.

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