Sam Smith Makes a Statement About Marriage Equality with His New Music Video for "Lay Me Down"

It's really, really moving.

In Sam Smith's gorgeous new video for "Lay Me Down," a single from his debut album, marriage equality for all is still but a dream.

"This song holds a very dear place in my heart," Smith wrote in a Youtube comment. "With this video myself and Ryan Hope the director have decided to make a statement and showcase something we passionately believe in."

"This video shows my dreams that one day gay men and women and transgendered men and women all over the world, like all our straight families and friends, will be able to get married under any roof, in any city, in any town, in any village, in any country."

Visually, that hope looks like a funereal church scene in which everyone in the pews is dressed like the cast of American Horror Story: Coven. One quick costume change later into what looks like BHLDN's entire spring collection, and the singer himself gets married.

Smith is scheduled to perform a duet with Mary J. Blige at Sunday's Grammy Awards, during which we wouldn't be too terribly surprised to see some sort of unannounced Madonna-Macklemore-ish reenactment of the footage below. And why not? It's too good not to happen IRL—all of it.

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