Everything You Care About That's Going to Happen at the Oscars

Missing this would be social suicide.

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One moment, please. We have to collect ourselves as we mentally prepare to witness all the magic to come at the 87th Academy Awards—or, as we humble folk call it, THE OSCARS. No offense (okay, some) to the sister awards shows—GrammysGolden Globes—but the Oscars bring about a je ne said quoi specialness that's just...happy, lively, even euphoric. 

So what's in store for this year? 

Neil Patrick Harris Keeping Us Awake for the Entire Show

"It's going to be an amazing show. Anything can happen." ANYTHING.

John Travolta Returning to Potentially Butcher Someone Else's Name

Enough said.

Adam Levine Performing an Oscar-Nominated Song for the First Time

The Maroon 5 frontman will be performing "Lost Song"—nominated for Best Original Song—from Begin Again. In other news, any #OOTD ideas for him?

"Oscar ready...too over the top?" Yes.

Lady Gaga Performing...Something

We have no idea what yet, but Oscars producer Craig Zadan tweeted that it will be a "very special performance."

Anna Kendrick Also Performing...Something

SEE! We told you the Oscars were special! So meta.

Update 2/19: Harris Will Try to Out-Selfie Ellen DeGeneres

Will it be taken on a Samsung again? Seems like the perfect product placement for the iPhone 6 Plus *wink wink* Apple.

Update 2/20: Dove and Twitter Will Speak Out Against Judging Appearances

Last year, there were over 5 million negative tweets about beauty and body image. As celebrities hit the red carpet, Dove will air a commercial promoting #SpeakBeautiful—a movement to stop this kind of speech once and for all.

Update 2/22: Lady Gaga's Performing a Tribute to the Sound of Music

Everyone please shut up during this performance. Please and thank you.

Tune in to ABC on February 22 at 7 p.m. EST to watch everything go down live (and hang out with us here for our coverage of everything that matters). In the meantime, start placing bets on all the nominees. Our money's on any film featuring a British accent.

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