Is There a Hot Guy Conspiracy? Yet *Another* Drool-Inducing Account Has Hit Instagram—This Time with Puppies

Hot guys reading, hot guys with coffee, now hot guys with dogs? We can't take it.

Sometimes, you need to know the world isn't a terrible place. And in our experience, one of the best ways to do that is to look at hot guys doing something. Reading. Drinking coffee. And now, playing with puppies.

Yes, the Instagram gods have heard our prayers and put two of our favorite things into one account and we are #blessed. Enter: "Hot Dudes with Dogs." Seriously, look at those faces. There's so much adorableness in a square we almost can't take it. When will the hottness/madness end?! (Hopefully never.)

Free idea: Hot Guys with Editors Named Samantha. Just throwing it out there.

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