For the Love of Mia Thermopolis, Please Don't Say 'Princess Diaries 3' Isn't Really Happening

A NEW-new report says previous reports about the revival aren't true, which ugh.

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Update: More Princess Diaries news, except this time, "shut up" takes its regular meaning. 😞

According to Variety, "sources close to the situation" have confirmed Disney isn't developing a threequel, nor is Anne Hathaway even remotely attached to a new script. THEY DID HAVE A MEETING ABOUT IT THO, which is a positive sign in itself. Until we hear more, we shall wait and quietly hum the Genovian national anthem to ourselves.

Original post, 6/17: Seminal teen movie Princess Diaries could be getting a reboot, which is both cause for weeping (GET AN ORIGINAL IDEA, HOLLYWOOD) and unbridled celebration (Julie Andrews singing, proposing to Joe).

A new report from the Tracking Board alleges that Disney is planning a third chapter that "may or may not include [Anne] Hathaway," who became queen at the end of the last film and got to make out with Chris Pine, so it's not like that matters anyway. Instead, as the Dissolve hypothesizes, studio execs might set up a whole new plotline surrounding Mia's half-sister Olivia Grace.

All riiiight. But mostly, I just want them to work Robert Schwartzman (with better hair) back in because she's supposed to end up with Michael Moscovitz, damn it, even if Shonda Rhimes was like, "I don't think so."

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