Phone Battery Always Dying? Blame It on Facebook


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Anytime a screenshot is published on the internet, most of the comments are like, "Look at that the 2-percent charge on that battery. Livin' on the edge, those youths." But like this random dude on Twitter discovered, our perpetually near death iPhones aren't our fault—they're Facebook's.

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Even with background refresh turned off, Circa cofounder Matt Galligan found that the app drained 15 percent of his phone's battery over the course of a week. (Go to Settings, then Battery to check your damage.) To be fair, the time FB spends updating posts and comments are all for your benefit, but still—1) it does this while you're not using it, therefore making it worthless to the user and 2) it would be nice not having to carry around a charger/hunting for free outlets all the time.

Don't delete just yet, though—according to TechCrunch, Facebook is working to resolve the issue.

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