This New App Helps You Amass a Taylor Swift-ian Super Squad


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In life, you really only need one likeminded person/four-legged mammal to be happy, but Taylor Swift has taught us that you can *never* have too many squad members. (Plus some of us suffer from megalomania and would like to have more than a single follower at our disposal when the clock strikes Take Over the World o'clock.)

Launching today on iOS, the networking app Squad facilitates meetings between groups of regular people without the meat-market-y feeling of Tinder or the randomness of Meetup. 

Here's how it works: Grab one to five friends. Make a profile. Swipe right on the squads you'd like to conquer er, meet in person. Chat with your matches within a 24-hour window. Arrange to meet. Charm them all into swearing their undying loyalty to you. Repeat.

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The beauty of it is that, should you find your match unsuitable for even the hinterlands of your empire, you've got a built-in escape route: your own squad, with whom you can abscond for funner pastures. (The same goes for group dates, which is a latent function of the app.)

Operations and scheduling and keeping an eye on everybody could get tricky, but if Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan could do it without a handy app, so can you.

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