Katy Perry's New Holiday Song Is Here

With an over-the-top H&M commercial to match.

Following in the footsteps of Queen Bey, Katy Perry has collaborated with H&M on a campaign, complete with a smashing new song to serve as its official theme. The best part? It's for Christmas, which is music to the ears of season pushers everywhere.

Titled "Every Day Is A Holiday," it's a track filled with good tidings and all the Perry fixings: cheeky lyrics, chesty vocals, a can't-get-it-out-of-your-head melody, and *sparkles*. 

The TV ad also has the pop singer's signature style down to a tee, with Perry assuming the part of an opal-haired fairy alongside a slew of characters in festive costumes (dancing nutcrackers, reindeer, gingerbread men, et al), as well as man candy by way of one shirtless Sean O'Pry. You know, the rich, swoon-worthy asshole from Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" video.

Now, brace yourself because we know for certain this is the first of about 1,000 times you're going to hear Perry's holiday offering this season. The good news is that it's a decidedly worthy alternative to Mariah Carey's brilliant, but overplayed-into-oblivion "All I Want For Christmas Is You." We promise.

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