Your Facebook Feed Looks Totally Different Today—Here's How

Reactions > the Like button.

In a world where "like" doesn't quite capture how much we love that adorable cat video (opens in new tab) or how we really feel in the face of bad news, it's about time we got a few more options.

Today, Facebook rolled out Reactions: six moving emoticons to round out the "like" button response. You can now like, love, laugh, be amazed, shed a tear, and get pissed off, all right on your newsfeed.

Not only do you have more articulated ways to engage with your friends, but influencers and media outlets will now have a tool to know how their audience feels about their content in just a tap. And connecting the dots between reactions and the demographic info they already gather will likely generate next-level insight for Facebook, too. 

For all 1.59 billion of you likers out there, using the new tool is as easy as holding down the "like" button on mobile or hovering over on your desktop to see the new expanded reaction options.

Fun fact: Love is the most-used reaction thus far. Let's see how long that lasts when Kylie's latest Lip Kit shade sells out in under a minute.

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Jenna Blaha
Jenna Blaha