This Is Not a Drill: The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Will Feature a Wedding

*Prays it isn't Rory and Dean*

Lauren Graham in a scene 'Gilmore Girls'
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Aside from one photo of Dean trolling us with his hair flop, Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival has been pretty hush-hush. Here's what we do know: The show takes place over four episodes and features almost all of the main cast (minus Melissa "Uninvited" McCarthy). Here's what we don't know: Which dynamic duo is getting married—because yes, a little birdie tells us that a ring exchange is most definitely going down in Stars Hollow. And as the saying goes, there ain't no wedding like a Gilmore Girls wedding, 'cause a Gilmore Girls wedding is probably Renaissance-themed.

A fellow Gilmore Girls sleuth posted the below photo of a prop room while touring Warner Brothers, which features a giant candelabra clearly marked for the show's wedding set. Now, as far as we're concerned, there are only two relevant weddings that could take place: Lorelai + Luke or Rory + Dean. (Haha, just kidding, Rory + Logan—as if she'd ever marry Dean.)

After much analysis and discussion, we're thinking the style of this candelabra is slightly too old-school for Rory, who would presumably pick more contemporary decor for her big day. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that Lorelai is finally getting married to Luke. Either that or Emily Gilmore is getting remarried to some random, which would be an even bigger blow than Jess' ego was that one time he did magic.

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