The Accessory That Saved Blake Lively's Life

Don't have plans to tangle with any sharks soon? You'll still want one.

You might wear a Casio watch because some long-ago magazine writeup praised it for its longevity and durability. (Or because your older brother grew out of his.) But now, thanks to Blake Lively and one singularly focused demonic shark, the Old Reliable of the timepiece world is now very cool, very famous, and quite literally a lifesaver.

Receiving more screen time than the movie's great white, Lively's Casio Baby G sport watch (technically the BG169R-8, if you're keeping score at home) had essentially a starring role in The Shallows. No spoilers, but her character Nancy uses it to plan a riveting escape in one of the film's tensest moments.

Whether you're dealing with an underwater stalker or not, the Baby G is probably a pretty good thing to pack on your next beach trip. It's waterproof (obviously), lets you set five different alarms (good for turning over to get an even tan, if you're into that), has a stopwatch, and has a calendar pre-set until 2099. What happens after that? The sharks take over, of course.

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(Image credit: Columbia Pictures)

The Casio Baby G BG169R-8 is available July 2016 for between $79 and 89.

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Stephen Watson