Katy Perry's Music Video for "Chained to the Rhythm" Stars a Hamster and Lots of Tiny Cooking

Made to go viral.

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While the interactive bit of the launch didn't go quite as well (apparently nobody really wanted to go on a wild disco ball hunt in the world's capital cities), Katy Perry's new visuals for "Chained to the Rhythm" features all the things the internet is *proven* to like: hamsters, tiny cooking videos (in which a master hand prepares miniature meals on lilliputian cookware—don't knock it until you've been weirdly relaxed/perplexed by it), and the lyrics right on the screen, with karaoke bopping and everything.

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Her first release in six months (after "Rise" (opens in new tab)), "Chained" compares the rat race to being caught up in an inescapably catchy tune—or the routine life of a domesticated animal. Fair! Click play to hear the first track from her upcoming album.

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