Expect 'Westworld' to Literally *Sweep* the Emmy Awards

The show was nominated for 22 awards and has already won five of them.

HBO's gritty sci-fi mystery Westworld is leading the Emmy nomination list (along with Saturday Night Live) with a whopping 22 nominations—so it's fair to say they have a pretty huge chance of winning big. In fact, the show has already picked up five awards thanks to the Creative Arts Emmys.

That said, the competition is pretty stiff in major categories like Best Drama Series and Best Actor/Actress, so here are the chances of Westworld actually taking home a couple of wins. May the odds be ever in their favor.

Better Call Saul

The Crown

The Handmaid's Tale

House of Cards

This Is Us

Stranger Things


Chance of winning? Mehhhh, let's say 40 percent.

It seems unlikely that Better Call SaulHouse of Cards, or fan-favorite This Is Us will win the night's most prestigious award, which leaves The CrownThe Handmaid's TaleStranger Things, and Westworld. While Westworld could take home the win, our money is on The Crown due to its insanely impressive production value.

Claire Foy, The Crown

Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid's Tale

Robin Wright, House of Cards

Viola Davis, How to Get Away With Murder

Keri Russell, The Americans

Evan Rachel Wood, Westworld

Chance of winning? Slim to none.

Evan Rachel Wood is *brilliant* in Westworld. But she doesn't have as much screen time as other people in her category, and therefore didn't get as much opportunity to flex her acting muscles. (Sorry for using the expression "flex her acting muscles," it'll literally never happen again.) Our money is on Claire Foy or Elisabeth Moss for this one—with slightly more dollars stacked in Moss' corner.


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Best Actor in a Drama Series

Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us

Anthony Hopkins, Westworld

Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul

Matthew Rhys, The Americans

Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan

Kevin Spacey, House of Cards

Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us

Chance of winning? Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Everyone in this category is killing it, and lord knows people love Milo Ventimiglia's performance in This Is Us. But Anthony Hopkins is a legend, and his role on Westworld is very fleeting. He almost certainly won't be back next season, so this could be the only chance to award his great work.

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

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Uzo Aduba, Orange Is the New Black

Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things

Ann Dowd, The Handmaid's Tale

Chrissy Metz, This Is Us

Thandie Newton, Westworld

Samira Wiley, The Handmaid's Tale

Chance of winning? Slim to none, but we'd love to be surprised.

Thandie Newton was incredible in Westworld, and frankly she deserves to win more than all of her fellow nominees. But again, it's a screen time thing. It's also a Millie Bobby Brown thing, because a) people adore her, b) people praised her performance sky high, c) people love it when a child wins.

Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul

David Harbour, Strangers Things

Ron Cephas Jones, This Is Us

Michael Kelly, House of Cards

John Lithgow, The Crown

Mandy Patinkin, Homeland

Jeffrey Wright, Westworld

Chance of winning? Not high, unfortunately.

The scene where Jeffrey Wright realizes he's a robot should nail him this win—but can he really beat out John Lithgow's performance in The Crown or David Harbour's in Stranger Things? Probably not.

Best Writing in a Drama Series

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The contenders:

"The Soviet Division," The Americans (Joel Fields, Joe Weisberg)

"Chicanery," Better Call Saul (Gordon Smith)

"Assassins," The Crown (Peter Morgan)

"Offred," The Handmaid's Tale (Bruce Miller)

"Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers," Stranger Things (The Duffer Brothers)

"The Bicameral Mind," Westworld (Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan)

Chance of winning? 80 percent.

Westworld is one of the best, most intricately, and most ingeniously written/plotted shows on television. Meanwhile, "The Bicameral Mind" was one of the season's best episodes. It should win.

FYI, Westworld already snagged the following awards (they also lost a few, but we don't need to talk about that here):

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series

Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media Within A Scripted Program

Outstanding Special Visual Effects

Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series

Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)


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