Instagram's Selfielapse: Great for Pretending You Have Facial Tics, Little Else

Just say no.

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In a move that brings humanity ever closer to ruin, Instagram has unleashed an update to Hyperlapse that lets users access the front-facing camera.

Selfielapse, or The Straw That Broke Civilization's Back, brings to mind visions of massive conflagrations and teenyboppers spending the entire duration of a concert facing the wrong way. But before we get to the apocalypse, here are some suggested uses translated (loosely) from PetaPixel:

1. Stand still in the middle of a heavily populated area and infuriate everyone trying to get somewhere.

2. Walk around. When you're cutting your video, you can count how many people look back like, "Who's this weirdo?"

3. Document a haircut and drain your battery in the process.

4. Accidentally release your phone like it's the Shot Put Women's final while you jump on a trampoline.

Then there's this, which will become prolonged and 94,854 times more painful to witness:

(Save yourselves.)

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