Lorelai's 30 Most Insane Outfits on 'Gilmore Girls,' Ranked

"Where you lead, I will follow"—Lorelai's ever-present tiny scarf.

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The time has come to talk about Lorelai Gilmore, or—more specifically—her adventurous fashion. Because "adventurous" is truly the only way to describe the sartorial journey of this this tiny-scarf-loving hero. In an effort to both pay homage to Lorelai and parse through her fashion journey, we've ranked her 30 most insane outfits on a scale of "Okay, sure, we get it" (AKA outfit #30) to "Is this a fashion crime, y/n?" (AKA outfit #1).

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Let's start of with something moderately palatable: this striped wrap dress. Yeah, it's being invaded by a swarm of evil butterflies hell bent on ruining what would be a simple pattern, but whatever. Dealing with it.

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At first, Lorelai's obsession with headbands seemed so sweet and innocent. So sweet and innocent, in fact, we barely noticed that this jacket was clearly made for a person with much shorter arms. But then things took a dark turn....

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Dark, like the wash of jeans she chose to pair with this tie-dye shirt and bandana. 

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Also, in case you were stressing about whether or not Lorelai owns a bandana in green, the answer is yes. Yes she does.

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Oh good, she also owns one in red. Thank god. 

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Wait no, make that several. Because one can never have too many red bandanas to pair with their deconstructed American flag shirts.

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Hands up if you bought this shirt in 1998 after leafing through a dELiA*s catalog? Same. 

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Not even pizza (the ultimate accessory) can lend credence to this headband + camo combination.

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"Hmmm, what should I wear to work?"

*reaches for blindingly shiny pink blouse*

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To paraphrase Cher Horowitz, this shirt is a total Monet. 

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"Wait, this seems pretty normal," you thought to yourself, failing to notice the giant pattern festooned on Lorelai's pants. 

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In case you're having doubts about what your eyeballs are seeing, Lorelai's wearing a sparkly kitten t-shirt with a zip-up pink hoodie and blue puffer jacket. That's all.

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Behold, the most aughts outfit ever. 

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Ahhhh, memories of a simpler time when everyone's sweaters had random outcrops of knitted florals on them.

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God knows how many innocent sheep were left freezing to make that shearling jacket. 

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Rory's face = us while trying to understand Lorelai's shirt.

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Don't you love the subtle, totally not-at-all loud feel of this shirt?

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At a certain point, Lorelai abandoned her bandanas and started experimenting in The Art of Wearing a Bucket Hat. It was a confusing time for all of us.

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BRB, over here living that bucket hat life.

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Of course, sometimes Lorelai switched things up and wore a newsboy cap. Sorry, make that a news(Gilmore)girl hat. Ha ha ha.

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 It was the best of times, and in many ways, it was the worst of times.

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Please don't mistake this as a scene from Newsies. It is, in fact, a still from Gilmore Girls. 

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At one point, Lorelai tried to make newsboy knit caps happen. She failed.

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PSA: always wear your jauntiest beret while attending a funeral. 

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This shirt is a reminder of a dark time in fashion: cap sleeves. Their mission? To look unflattering on even the most toned of arms. 

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Sorry, still not done talking about hats. Here's a particularly glorious one, paired with Lorelai's favorite accessory: the functionless scarf. 

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Actually, one might argue that as the show went on, the functionless scarves got tinier. 

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And tinier.

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Until eventually they were so small, they became necklaces. 

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But sometimes Lorelai skipped the scarf because she was busy wearing cowboy boots with daisy dukes. Which brings us to her most iconic—and most insane—outfit of all time. Fin.

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