Are 'Perfect Match' Stars Alara Taneri and Stevan Ditter Still Dating?

The 'Dated & Related' alum and former 'Too Hot To Handle' contestant showed longevity on season 2 of the Netflix hit.

stevan ditter and alara taneri in perfect match season 2
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Spoilers for all episodes of Perfect Match season 2 ahead. Netflix's dating competition Perfect Match is designed for temptation. As alums from the streaming giant's various reality TV shows couple up, there's always the chance that another single will arrive at the villa ready to steal someone's man or woman. With all the chances to be bad, it's notable (and sweet) when a couple makes it through multiple episodes and dates stronger than ever. One of the standout couples of season 2, Alara Taneri and Stevan Ditter, made it through the first nine episodes with an unbreakable bond, even though they've both been tempted by other people (including alleged exes).

With the Perfect Match season 2 finale finally out on Netflix, many fans are curious whether Alara and Stevan's relationship made it in the real world. Read on for everything we know about the couple so far.

Alara Taneri stevan Ditter in the perfect match board room

Alara Taneri and Stevan Ditter visit the Board Room in Perfect Match season 2.

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What happened between Alara and Stevan on 'Perfect Match' season 2?

Too Hot to Handle season 3 alum (and David Beckham co-star?) Stevan is among the first singles to arrive in the villa, and, at first, he has a tumultuous time. He initially pairs with former Love Is Blind star Micah Lussier, but their relationship ends up being platonic. Soon after, Micah and Xanthi Perdikomatis agree to a "wife swap" with Kaz Bishop and Stevan, leaving Stevan paired with Xanthi. Stevan and Xanthi have more physical chemistry, but everything changes when Stevan is sent on a date with Dated & Related alum Alara Taneri.

Alara and Stevan quickly hit it off on the date, with Alara saying she wants a gentleman, and Stevan saying he's a mama's boy who was raised to treat women well. Once they return to the villa, Alara also shows interest in fellow Harry Potter fan and season 1 winner Dom Gabriel. Once Stevan sees that he's at risk of losing Alara, he breaks things off with Xanthi and pursues Alara, with the new couple even kissing before they match.

stevan ditter and alara sitting together in perfect match

Stevan Ditter sits with his arm around Alara Taneri in Perfect Match season 2.

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Once they match, Stevan goes out of his way to woo Alara even when they don't win dates from compatibility challenges, including cooking her meals and treating her like a princess.

The couple also stays strong when tested by being put on dates with their physical types. In episode 7, Stevan is paired for a date with Brittan Byrd, while Alara goes out with Nigel Jones. That night at the villa, Alara tears up when Stevan compliments Brittan, but—after a brief fake-out where Stevan lies that he kissed Brittan on the date—Stevan and Alara pair up again, and it looks like nothing will get between them. They're even the only couple to get through the gender-separated beach parties with no issue, so heading into the finale, it looks like they'll sail into the winners' slot (and nab the show's luxury vacation prize).

stevan ditter lifts up alara taneri in perfect match

Stevan Ditter holds up Alara Taneri in an embrace in Perfect Match season 2.

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In the finale, Alara and Stevan sail through the final compatibility challenge; they answer most Newlywed Game-style questions correctly, and they only lose the race after because Alara forgets to ring the winning bell. However, there is a minor blow-up at the final matching mixer the next night. While the cast plays racy games (including a talent show where Alara puts her foot behind her head), Alara gets upset when Stevan seems too eager to play spin-the-bottle. She tears up, but Stevan quickly assures her that he only wants her. He also sets up a romantic camping date that night.

During their final date (a lovely poolside dinner), Stevan and Alara say they want to continue their relationship in the real world. Alara even adds that she wants to introduce him to her family. They even share "I love you"s. That night at the final all-cast meeting, Alara admits she was tempted throughout the show, but never left Stevan because it’s “different” when he touches her. He also thanks her for bringing out another side of him.

The winning couple comes down to one vote, but surprisingly, Alara and Stevan aren't announced as the winners of Perfect Match season 2. Still, Stevan says, "At the end of the day, I don't mind losing because I still feel so connected to Alara. She just makes me the best version of me."

Alara Taneri and Stevan Ditter in episode 207 of Perfect Match

Alara Taneri and Stevan Ditter retire for the night in Perfect Match season 2.

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Are Alara and Stevan still together after 'Perfect Match' season 2?

Unfortunately, Stevan and Alara's romance did not appear to continue for long after Perfect Match ended. On the day that the finale dropped, PEOPLE reported that Stevan and Alara had "gone their separate ways" and were no longer in a relationship.

In a post-show interview with Netflix's Tudum, Stevan explained that long-distance was the main culprit, as he was based in Los Angeles after filming wrapped, while Alara was still living in London. “We just really weren’t able to speak. By the time I was waking up, she was going to bed,” he said. “I am not always on my phone like people think that I am. I barely post on social media, so it just didn’t work out in that sense.”

Even though they had the strongest relationship on Perfect Match, Stevan revealed the one piece of advice he has for anyone going on a dating show: "Don’t try and date someone who lives in another country."

However, Alara shared a different recollection of what went down. In a video interview with Netflix, she said that after the show, she and Stevan went on an "amazing" holiday, but then he "ghosted" her.

As she became emotional, Alara continued, "I was ready to move to L.A., or he was ready to come to London. We were looking at apartments. He sent me a massive paragraph saying, 'You deserve so much better. I'm not in the right headspace right now. I've got so much going on.' And obviously, what am I gonna do? I'm gonna block him. So that's what I did."

Meanwhile, both of them appear to be doing well. Stevan has confirmed that he is currently in a relationship with someone outside of the Perfect Match world. Harry Jowsey (the Minister of Mess himself) actually spilled on Stevan's dating life first, on the June 11 episode of his podcast Boyfriend Material. On the pod, Harry took the chance to apologize about spilling on national television that Stevan and their former costar Holly Scarfone had hooked up. "He's also happily in a relationship, so I'm deeply sorry to his girlfriend for saying that," Harry said, without naming Stevan's girlfriend.


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Alara has recently been spending time in L.A., where she has posted a lot of content with her new bestie Micah. (In one TikTok, she acknowledged that she and Micah now get along great even though they didn't on the show.)

She's also teased a bit about her dating life. When asked by Netflix in the streamer's video interview whether she's currently in a relationship, the fashion designer responded, "My dating life is a secret. You're gonna have to wait and find out." (She had already hinted as much in a TikTok that was posted while the show was airing.)

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