Christine Obanor and Nigel Jones Won 'Perfect Match' Season 2 in a Surprising Twist—But Are They Still Together?

The two paired up at the last minute and walked away with the prize.

perfect match season 2 winners nigel and christine
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Spoilers for all episodes of Perfect Match season 2 ahead. Just when you think that Perfect Match season 2 was almost out of surprises, the hit Netflix reality show saved several jaw-dropping developments for its super-sized finale. No viewer could have guessed which couple would take home the series' luxury vacation prize in the 10th and final episode of the season, which hit streaming on June 21—mostly because the winning pair didn't even match up until then! Too Hot to Handle alums Christine Obanor and Nigel Jones arrived on Perfect Match with some history between them, and that prior spark helped them take home the gold.

But did their romance last after the cameras stopped rolling? Read on for everything we know about the couple so far.

Christine Obanor in perfect match season 2

Christine Obanor after she enters the villa in Perfect Match season 2.

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What happened between Christine and Nigel on 'Perfect Match' season 2?

Before Christine and Nigel were cast on Perfect Match, they already had a lot in common. Both were Too Hot to Handle standouts known for causing chaos in their respective seasons, and they even ran in the same circles as Netflix Universe stars.

On the season finale, the two reveal that they shared a mutual interest when they spent time together last summer in New York. (Nigel even shared photos from at least one night out on Instagram.) Their run-in becomes the basis of their quick and fiery coupling on Perfect Match (and it fills in a lot of the blanks that come with only having one hour to see them as a couple, rather than several with the rest of the season's finalists).

However, before reuniting, Christine had to make it into the villa. She makes her scene-stealing debut in episode 8, as the brand-new face at the boys' day, where she quickly shows her interest in Kaz Bishop. She quickly shows off the same intense flirting skills that made her the talk of THTH season 5, but Kaz keeps himself from crossing the line despite being interested, since he's still matched with Micah Lussier. By the end of the mixer, though, Kaz and Micah pair up.

Kaz Bishop, Christine Obanor in episode 208 of Perfect Match.

Kaz Bishop and Christine Obanor talk during boys' day in Perfect Match season 2.

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Christine and Kaz's first compatibility challenge as a pair is also the last of the series, and when Tolú and Chris win, they decide to test Christine by setting her up with Nigel. Christine and Nigel had shown chemistry at the all-cast mixer—they even kissed during a racy game of Flip Cup—and both seem excited when they get the chance to discuss their connection in New York and whether they're looking for a relationship. Nigel assures that he acts differently in a relationship than he did in THTH season 4 and that he believes in chivalry and reassuring his girlfriend that he wants to be with her. (The bar is subterranean.)

Once they arrive back at the villa, Christine learns that Kaz went back to Micah during Christine's date and told Micah that he'd made a mistake. Christine gets mad at the sense that Kaz was dropping her rather than making an effort in their pairing and says that Kaz had "blindsided" every girl he'd talked to all season. Meanwhile, Nigel reassures her that he's serious about her, and Christine decides to couple up with him.

On their final date, Christine and Nigel's intimate body-painting outing brings them closer together. They tell each other they've both been single for a while and want something serious going forward. They also see a future with each other, and when he points out that they live on opposite coasts, she points out that "planes exist." During the final discussion, Christine and Nigel receive lots of support from the rest of the cast (except Kaz, which, eh)—and at the end of it all, just one vote difference makes them the winning couple of Perfect Match season 2!

nigel jones in perfect match season 2

Nigel Jones on a date in Perfect Match season 2.

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Are Christine and Nigel still together after 'Perfect Match' season 2?

Just four weeks after season 2 wrapped filming, Christine and Nigel redeemed their luxury trip prize (making them the first winning couple from the show to collect their winnings). The final moments of Perfect Match include footage from the pair's trip to Thailand, where they toured several islands and messed up a romantic rose-petal arrangement (though that was off-camera). The montage ends with a lovely photo of the pair posing on a boat in front of crystal-blue waters. (If that was too romantic for your taste, though, Netflix follows up the montage with an update on the chaotic pairing of Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal.)

Of all the final couples on season 2, Christine and Nigel have been the most tight-lipped about their pairing on the show (because, once again, they weren't even matched until the final episode. And then they won. Goals, TBH). So it's unclear what went down between them after their vacation, but once the finale aired, PEOPLE did confirm that the winners have since broken up.

We'll need to do some sleuthing on social media to piece together their relationship timeline, but at the time of the season 2 finale, neither follow each other on Instagram. Fingers crossed we learn more about how they went from a surprise, winning pairing to exes.

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